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  • Financial Times

    Glencore shareholders push back against climate strategy

    The vote against the company’s 2022 climate report reaches 30%, triggering a consultation process under UK law

  • Financial Times

    Spotlight turns to coal at Glencore as pressure mounts on climate plans

    Glencore is braced for a heated debate over its highly profitable coal-mining business when it meets shareholders this week as the group comes under pressure to tackle climate change. A growing number of shareholders support a resolution asking the company to explain how its thermal coal production — the largest of any company outside China and India — is compatible with its climate goals. Legal & General Investment Management, Allianz, Scottish Widows, Man Group and HSBC Asset Management have all backed the measure in recent days, as have proxy advisers Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services.

  • Fortune

    Global resources shark Glencore must understand the world is no longer for sale

    Glencore has Canadian mining crown jewel Teck in its sights–but the disruptive takeover bid has little chance of succeeding, say Yale's Sonnenfeld and Tian.

  • Benzinga

    Meta Prepares For Further Job Cuts, Google To Allow Developers To Use Alternative Payment Options, Intel Ditches Production Of Bitcoin Mining Chip: Today's Top Stories

    Bloomberg Meta Sharpens Knives On Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram And Reality Labs Workforce: Begin Next Round Of Layoff Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) notified managers to prepare to announce job cuts on Wednesday under a cost-cutting push likely to pare 10,000 positions at the company. The downsizing will impact Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Reality Labs, which houses the firm's virtual reality efforts and Quest hardware. The memo indicates Meta will restructure teams and reassign the re

  • Benzinga

    Glencore-Teck Resources Deal: Glencore Ready To Raise Bid, Pressure Teck For Takeover

    Glencore Plc is willing to improve its $22.5 billion takeover offer of told Teck Resources Ltd (NYSE: TECK), said Gary Nagle, Glencore CEO, in a letter to Teck shareholders. The European company is putting pressure on the Canadian miner, saying the Proposed Merger/Demerger is superior to the Proposed Teck Separation as it provides the most compelling value proposition to Teck shareholders. Also Read: Glencore's Revised Proposal For Teck Resources: Unlike To Engage Key Shareholders, Analyst Says.

  • infocast

    嘉能可修訂收購Teck要約建議 加入現金選項涉82億美元

    瑞士商品交易巨擘嘉能可修訂其要約收購加拿大礦物巨擘Teck Resources的條款,加入現金選項,涉金額約82億美元(約640億港元),相當於交易總代價的25%,但每股作價不變。Teck方面表示,建議股東等待公司審視新建議後的正式表態,但初步看來,新條款未有提升建議的整體價值,亦未有解決公司之前就收購建議提及的主要風險問題。嘉能可於4月3日提出的建議是以換股方式進行交易,不涉及現金。嘉能可表示,在首次公布建議收購要約後,明白到部分Teck股東希望完全撤出產煤業務,因此提出現金選項,讓該等股東有選擇權。根據原建議,嘉能可成功收購Teck後,會把兩者的產煤業務合併及分拆上市。 (ST)#嘉能可 #Teck #美股

  • infocast

    Teck Resources指嘉能可收購要約存在風險

    加拿大礦業公司Teck Resources周一發出新聞稿指,早前拒絕同業嘉能可提出的收購要約,原因是對方的提案中存在「根本性缺陷」。Teck Resources指出,嘉能可的提議「不可操作」,因它有可能減少股東對銅的風險敞口,並使他們面臨重大的管轄權、ESG(環境、社會及管治)以及執行風險。另外,據《彭博》報導,在一次投資者電話會議上,Teck Resources首席執行官Jonathan Price表示,要注意嘉能可的「不良記錄」,以及嘉能可最近在解決與賄賂和市場操縱有關案件時受到的處罰。 嘉能可早前提出無約束力收購建議,擬通過股換股方式,以225億美元(約1755億港元)收購Teck Resources,並指一旦收購成功,便會分拆熱煤及制鋼煤業務,但收購要約遭Teck拒絕。Teck主席Sheila Murray致函嘉能可董事會指,集團未有計劃整體出售。 (ST)#Teck Resources #嘉能可 #美股

  • Benzinga

    Value-Adding Vision: Analysts Dismiss Glencore's Deal as Teck Resources' Proposed Plan Gains Favor

    Teck Resources Ltd (NYSE: TECK) urged investors to support its plan for splitting its metals and coal businesses while confirming its opposition to a $23 billion takeover proposal from Glencore Plc, saying the proposal is not actionable and bad for Teck shareholders. In an investor presentation, Teck says Glencore's purported $4.25 – $5.25 billion NPV in synergies is significantly higher than past Glencore estimates from 2020 without rationale. The upside is illusory, while the dilution is real.

  • infocast

    嘉能可提出225億美元收購建議 遭Teck Resources拒絕

    瑞士主要商品交易商嘉能可提出無約束力收購建議,擬以225億美元(約1755億港元),收購加拿大礦物集團Teck Resources,但遭到Teck拒絕。Teck主席Sheila Murray致函嘉能可董事會指,集團未有計劃整體出售。嘉能可提出的收購建議是以股換股方式進行,每股作價較Teck上周五收市價有約20%溢價。同時,嘉能可提出一旦收購成功,便會分拆熱煤及制鋼煤業務。Teck回應指,收購建議令股東可能參與產煤及商品交易業務,導致其業務風險上升,不利於股東利益極大化的原則,因此拒絕接納有關收購建議。Teck自身正準備分拆產煤業務,以專注發展工業金屬業務。 (ST)#嘉能可 #Teck #美股

  • infocast


    美國紐約曼哈頓法官Lorna Schofield周二宣判,大型礦業公司嘉能可(Glencore)因行賄多個國家官員,須繳付7億美元(約54.6億港元)金額,包括4.285億美元罰款及充公2.72億美元。罰款較美國判刑指引低15%。嘉能可去年5月已經與美國聯邦檢察官就公司多年來,向包括巴西、尼日利亞和委內瑞拉等國的官員行賄逾1億美元事件,達成認罪協議。連同早前承認的其他行賄案及市場操控罪,嘉能可支付的罰款總額超過15億美元,其中10億美元是向美國相關部門支付。 (ST)#美股 #嘉能可 #行賄案


    商品交易巨擘嘉能可去年多賺近2.5倍 宣布回報股東71億美元

    商品交易巨擘嘉能可(Glencore)公布去年業績。純利按年升2.48倍至173.2億美元,每股基本盈利1.33美元。全年收入按年升26%至2,559.84億美元。 期內經調整除息梲折舊及攤銷前溢利(Adjusted EBITDA)按年升60%至340.6億美元,為紀錄新高,並符合市場預期。公司去年從金屬及化石燃料交易錄得破紀錄盈利64億美元,按年升73%。 公司截至去年底淨負債7,500萬美元,2021年年底為60億美元。公司宣布向股東回報71億美元,包括股息派發及15億美元回購。(fc/u)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

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  • 鉅亨網

    嘉能可警告 銅礦將大幅短缺

    瑞士礦業巨擘嘉能可 (Glencore) 加入眾多礦商的行列,警告銅礦將「大幅短缺」,而且這次情況和過去將大不相同。 嘉能可執行長 Gary Nagle 周二 (6 日) 說,雖然一些人假設礦商會像過往一樣增加供應,以滿足綠能轉型預期帶來的需求,但是這次情況大不同相同。

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    Meta Goes Twitter Way With Layoffs, Twitter Might Want Some People Back After Firing Them, Coal Miners Terminate $6B Combination Discussions: Top Stories Monday, Nov. 07

    Wall Street Journal After Musk's Mass Twitter Layoffs, Zuckerberg Reportedly Planning Similar Cuts At Meta This Week Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) is reportedly planning to lay off thousands of workers in the coming week, similar to what Elon Musk did at Twitter just days ago. The Mark Zuckerberg-led company, which has more than 87,000 employees as of September-end, could lay off thousands and has asked its staff to cancel nonessential travel beginning this week. "In aggregate, we expect to

  • Benzinga

    Russia's Largest Lender Charged Glencore for $116M Over Outstanding Oil Supplies

    Russia's largest lender, Sberbank Of Russia (OTC: AKSJF), prosecuted global commodities trader Glencore Plc (OTC: GLCNF) (OTC: GLNCY) for around €117 million ($116 million) over unpaid oil supplies, as per the database of Moscow's Arbitration Court. The database showed that Sberbank sought to recover debt and penalties from Glencore Energy UK Ltd over two agreements worth roughly €58 million each, Reuters reports. One related to oil blend supplies to the border of Ukraine and Hungary in March, a

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  • Bloomberg



  • infocast

    嘉能可據報叫停供貨 因中國企業失5億美元銅精礦

    英國《金融時報》報道,中國金屬貿易商葫蘆島瑞升遺失價值約5億美元(約39億港元)的銅精礦,令瑞士礦業巨擘嘉能可(Glencore)和金屬貿易公司 IXM 均停止向這家公司供貨。報道又引述消息稱,嘉能可已將現有部分金屬庫存從秦皇島轉移到青島等地。 (BC)#嘉能可 #Glencore #銅精礦 #秦皇島 #青島

  • infocast

    嘉能可上半年經調整核心利潤勝預期 回饋股東規模增

    商品交易集團嘉能可(Glencore)公布,截至今年6月底止上半年,經調整核心利潤(EBITDA)倍增至189.2億美元,優於市場預期的184億美元,主要是受惠於煤價上升。該集團計劃額外向股東派發特別股息15億美元,以及動用30億美元回購股份,全年回饋股東金額達到85億美元。 (BC)#嘉能可 #Glencore #美股

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  • Reuters

    At Australia mine, Glencore balances reforestation drive, coal profit

    At Glencore's aging Mt Owen open-cut coal mines north of Sydney, a team of scientists and engineers is restoring woodlands to mined-out fields, aiming to burnish the company's environmental credentials with climate activists and shareholders who want it to back away from coal. But just hundreds of metres away, active mines still churn out nearly 7 million tonnes of coal a year, and are due to keep producing for 15 more years, as they fuel the company's profits from surging coal prices. Keen both to maximise profit and to satisfy activist shareholders demanding action on the climate, Glencore has said it plans to hit net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and "responsibly deplete its coal assets over time".