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  • Yahoo Finance

    Apple needs to buy Disney to make Vision Pro a success: Analyst

    Apple should buy Disney as it looks to capture greater adoption of its Vision Pro headset, one media analyst says.

  • Yahoo Finance

    Apple Vision Pro: How revolutionary is the headset really? We asked six experts.

    Apple this week launched its much-anticipated mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. So, it's a technological marvel, but is it revolutionary? Yahoo Finance asked six experts what they thought. Some hailed the unveiling of the Vision Pro as a genuine watershed moment. Others were more cautious.

  • Yahoo Finance

    Affirm stock soars on new deal with Amazon Pay

    Wednesday's announcement with Amazon brought welcome reprieve to Affirm shares which have been beaten down heavily as investors question how many companies will be winners in the buy-now-pay-later space as Apple gets involved.

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    12 Hot Stocks to Buy According to Hedge Funds

    In this article we present the list of 12 Hot Stocks to Buy According to Hedge Funds. Click to skip ahead and see the 5 Hot Stocks to Buy According to Hedge Funds. Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ:META), Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), and Salesforce, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) are some of the hottest stocks on the market this year, which […]

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    10 Most Popular Stocks on Robinhood

    In this article we present the list of 10 Most Popular Stocks on Robinhood. Click to skip ahead and see the 5 Most Popular Stocks on Robinhood. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), and Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) are a few of the most popular stocks on Robinhood that have delivered strong returns for the platform’s […]

  • Fortune

    ‘Father of the iPod’ says Apple has ‘truly jumped the shark’ with its $3,500 virtual reality headset

    Tony Fadell, who was recruited by Steve Jobs to design the iPod, weighed in on Apple’s latest product.

  • Fortune

    Apple CEO Tim Cook is among the millions of users of ChatGPT—and he says he is ‘excited about it’

    The CEO of the iPhone-maker says he is "excited" about the viral chatbot, but also acknowledges the need for more safeguards in the A.I. realm broadly.

  • Yahoo財經專欄

    CFO財報解密│Apple Vision Pro透視蘋果與Meta之間嘅經營距離(Benny)

    Apple Vision Pro係做融合虛擬同真實世界,玩嘅係AR(Augmented Reality),唔需要你只可取捨虛擬世界與真實世界之間。佢係令你個iOS介面唔再局限於傳統電話屏幕,而係extend到你生活視覺嘅任何一個角落。

  • WSJ

    Apple Vision Pro Headset First Look: Impressive, Immersive and Heavy

    Apple’s Vision Pro headset combines virtual reality and augmented reality for $3,500. WSJ’s Joanna Stern shares her impressions after using the face computer to make 3-D FaceTime calls, watch videos and more. Photo Illustration: Jacob Alexander Nelson for The Wall Street Journal


    庫克:Vision Pro為蘋果新一章 重申AI必須受監管

    蘋果(AAPL.US)首席執行官庫克(Tim Cook)稱,有使用人工智能聊天機械人ChatGPT並感興奮,但指ChatGPT或出現偏見、錯誤信息等,某些情況下其表現或更差,故認為人工智能必須受監管。 但他強調,即使政府監管亦難以維持,因為AI日新月異,發展太快速,故科技公司有責任作出自我監管。 至於蘋果全新增強現實產品Vision Pro,庫克稱,產品標誌著公司轉折點,為獲得巨大飛躍的下一章,Vision Pro是一個平台,而非單一產品,已急不及待希望開放予開發人員,為其設計應用程序。(me/m)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

  • Yahoo Finance

    Apple’s Vision Pro blew me away but it needs apps to make it a hit

    Apple's new Vision Pro headset is an outrageously impressive piece of technology. But it'll need apps to move beyond that.

  • 鉅亨網

    〈美股早盤〉美經濟數據憂喜參半 加劇Fed政策不確定性 主要指數漲跌互現

    美國日前公布經濟數據結果憂喜參半,增添美國聯準會(Fed)政策前景的不確定性,投資人仍在評估 Fed 在下周會議上保持利率不變的可能性,美股主要指數周二(6 日)開低。

  • Bloomberg

    美國股指期貨走低 蘋果下滑;市場擔憂本輪漲勢過猛

    【彭博】-- 美國股指期貨走弱,蘋果公司勢將延續跌勢,油價下跌拖累能源板塊。那斯達克100指數期貨略微走低,蘋果盤前下跌0.5%,市場擔心其備受期待的混合實境耳機的高昂價格將不利於銷售量。歐洲晶片公司股價下滑,之前台積電表示,資本支出將處於指引區間的低端。雪佛龍股價下跌,殼牌和BP走低拖累歐洲基準股指,油價回吐了由沙烏地減產所引發的所有漲幅。縱觀全球股市,市場情緒謹慎。標普500指數處在牛市邊緣,一些市場人士感覺,股市借助人工智能熱潮的此輪漲勢可能過快了。「我們對股市的立場是謹慎的,」Columbia Threadneedle Investments歐洲,中東和非洲地區首席經濟學家Steven Bell表示。他指出,股市看起來不便宜,盈利成長預測過於樂觀。「我們預計不會出現劇烈下跌,但相對而言債券看起來更具吸引力。」大宗商品市場方面,小麥價格飆升。此前,烏克蘭表示俄軍炸毀了該國南部的一個大型水壩,引發洪流,威脅數以千計的人,並對黑海糧食供應構成潛在威脅。小麥價格周二上漲3%,自上周30個月低點以來的漲幅擴大。原文標題Apple Declines, Oil Retreat Drags S

  • Fortune

    Ducking finally! Apple is using A.I. to let users type what they really mean

    The iPhone maker is updating its autocorrect feature to not change a common expletive typed by users.

  • Fortune

    4 Fortune 500 companies are led by openly LGBTQ CEOs. Here’s what they’ve said about their experience in corporate America

    In the nearly nine years since Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly came out as gay, three more openly LGBTQ CEOs helm Fortune 500 companies.

  • South China Morning Post

    Chinese netizens hesitant about Apple's Vision Pro headset, but the market could soon see cheaper rival devices, analysts say

    Chinese consumers appear sceptical of the Apple Vision Pro, the US technology giant's freshly announced augmented reality (AR) headset, but analysts say the high-end device could help pave the way for cheaper alternatives from Chinese companies. Apple unveiled the Vision Pro, its first major new product in a decade, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California on Monday. CEO Tim Cook said the device, which allows users to experience digital content such as games and 3D

  • 鉅亨網

    研調估Apple Vision Pro明年出貨量僅20萬台

    研調機構 TrendForce 出具最新報告指出,蘋果 (AAPL-US) 全球開發者大會 (WWDC) 發表的 Apple Vision Pro,明年上半年僅先在美國發售, 預估明年出貨量僅約 20 萬台。

  • Fortune Insight

    七年磨一鏡|蘋果首款MR頭盔Vision Pro起價3,499美元 股價破頂後回吐 郭明錤點出兩大利淡致命傷

    蘋果(Apple,美:AAPL)本年度全球開發者大會(WWDC 2023),於美東時間周一(5日)下午1時、即香港時間周二凌晨1時開幕,壓軸環節「One More Thing」發布市場期待已久、研發歷時逾七年的首款MR(混合實境)頭戴式裝置Apple Vision Pro,是蘋果自2015年發布智能手錶Apple Watch以來該公司首款新產品類別。 [caption id="attachment_5189796" align="alignnone" width="980"]

  • infocast

    Vision Pro 作價過高及交付延遲 拖累蘋果供應鏈股

    蘋果公司首款MR設備Vision Pro在WWDC(全球開發者大會)亮相,定價3499美元,預期明年年初上市,作價貴過市場預期、交付期亦更遲。天風國際分析師郭明錤在 Twitter 發文指,由於Apple Vision Pro 售價高預期,加上發售日需要等待半年以上,將不利短期投資情緒。相關供應鏈股下挫,其中高偉電力(01415)現價15.18元,挫19.43%,成交金額4億元。瑞聲科技(02018)、舜宇光學(02382)挫逾2%。(SY)#蘋果概念股

  • Financial Times

    Hands on with Apple’s Vision Pro: bringing the metaverse to life

    Our FT correspondent is among the first to try the tech giant’s impressive ‘mixed reality’ headset. But does anyone really need it?

  • 鉅亨網

    郭明錤:Vision Pro太貴與出貨等太久 不利短期投資情緒

    天風國際證券分析師郭明錤週二 (6 日) 推文釋出關於蘋果首款擴充實境 (AR)/ 虛擬實境 (VR) 頭戴裝置 Vision Pro 的投資觀點。

  • Yahoo財經


    蘋果週一宣布,其新款混合現實耳機Vision Pro將使用Unity的遊戲軟件。Unity是一個跨平台遊戲引擎,公司於2020年上市,股價在2021年科技股飆升期間曾升至近200 美元。

  • Fortune Insight

    港股|高偉電子曾急挫逾24% 蘋概股向下 郭明錤:新AR/MR裝置售價及發售日利淡短期投資情緒

    蘋果(Apple,美:AAPL)於本年度全球開發者大會(WWDC)發布首款MR(混合實境)頭戴式裝置Apple Vision Pro,惟有「最強蘋果分析師」之稱的天風國際分析師郭明錤發表關於新產品的投資觀點,指考慮到Vision Pro超預期的售價與遙遠的發售日等因素,將不利短期內的投資情緒。蘋果概念股受壓,當中又以高偉電子(01415)跌幅最大,曾急挫24.5%低見14.22元,目前仍跌16.1%暫報15.8元,成交約890萬股涉約1.42億元。 郭明錤於個人Twitter發文指,蘋果展示空間運算的願景與AR/MR裝置的設計創新,但沒有展示出日常生活使用Vision Pro的必要性。相較之下,目前ChatGPT/AIGC能在可見未來改變人類生活方面更具說服力。 他又認為,由於Apple Vision Pro售價高於預期,而且發售日需要等待半年以上,不利短期內的投資情緒;需要密切觀察的是預購需求與發售前蘋果能否提供更吸引人的應用/內容/生態。 其他蘋概股方面,瑞聲科技(02018)挫2%報15.7元;舜宇光學(02382)曾跌0.87%現升0.06%報74.95元;比亞迪電子(0028

  • 鉅亨網

    蘋果Vision Pro亮相 王雪紅:歡迎加入XR領域

    蘋果 (AAPL-US) 今年全球開發者大會 (WWDC23) 上推出首款 AR 頭戴式裝置 Vision Pro,對此,宏達電 (2498-TW) 董事長暨 VIVE 創辦人王雪紅表示,誠摯歡迎 Apple 也加入 XR 領域。