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    12 Best Software Infrastructure Stocks to Buy

    In this article, we will take a look at the 12 best software infrastructure stocks to buy. To see more such companies, go directly to 5 Best Software Infrastructure Stocks to Buy. One of the industries that have benefitted directly from the technology boom over the past few years is software infrastructure. Tech and non-tech […]

  • Yahoo Finance Video

    Tesla overvalued, Ford well positioned in EV market: Strategist

    New Constructs CEO David Trainer joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the EV market at large and details growing competition between Tesla and Ford.

  • Benzinga

    What Is Going On With Cisco Tech Stock Monday

    Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: CSCO) stock is drawing attention despite marginally beating last week's third-quarter consensus. The company clocked $14.57 billion in revenue, beating the consensus of $14.39 billion. It reported an EPS of $1.00, surpassing the estimates of $0.97. Cisco expects fourth-quarter revenue of $1.05 - $1.07 per share versus estimates of $1.04 per share. It sees full-year earnings of $3.80 - $3.82 per share versus estimates of $3.75. The company anticipates fourth-quarter re

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Dividend Stocks to Buy for Income in a Rising Rate Environment

    One of the key advantages of dividend stocks is their potential to enhance total returns. While stock prices can be volatile, dividends provide a consistent income stream that can help offset market fluctuations. According to Hartford Funds research, dividends have historically contributed a significant portion of total returns for long-term investors. So, what should you consider when buying income stocks? Dividend growers, companies that consistently increase dividend payments over time, offer

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    〈美股早盤〉交易員加大Fed下月升息押注、思科財報影響 主要指數漲跌互現

    聯準會(Fed)官員表示下月暫停升息的理由還不清楚,交易員加大需要再次升息的押注,美股主要指數周四(18 日)漲跌互現。另外,網通設備大廠思科 (CSCO-US) 上季訂單下滑,預料本季表現可能也不佳,給沃爾瑪強勁財測與美債


    《美股業績》思科系統(CSCO.US)季度產品訂單下滑 市後股價跌近4%

    道指成分股,美國互聯網設備商思科系統(CSCO.US)公布截至4月29日止第三財季業績。季度淨利潤按年升5.5%至32.12億美元,每股季度攤薄純利78美仙,經調整後為1美元,高於市場預期的97美仙。季度收入按年升13.5%至145.71億美元,高於市場預期的143.9億美元。 公司季度產品訂單減少23%。公司管理層指,積壓訂單及宏觀經濟環境影響新產品需求。公司預期現財年收入按年升10%至10.5%,經調整每股年度利潤介乎3.8至3.82美元。 思科系統股價在延長交易時段跌3.9%,報45.77美元。(fc/t)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址:

  • Yahoo Finance

    Stocks moving in after-hours: Take-Two Interactive, Cisco

    These are the stocks moving in after-hours on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

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    5 Stocks to Buy Before They Become the Next Trillion-Dollar Companies

    This article is an excerpt from the InvestorPlace Digest newsletter. To get news like this delivered straight to your inbox, click here. We’ve recently seen a surge of interest in finding the next trillion-dollar company. Perhaps it’s the recent successes of current trillion-dollar companies. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has risen 28% this year, while Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has surged 37%. Or maybe the thought of missing out on a summer rally is becoming too great to ignore. Will any stock be able to ri

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    3 Innovative IoT Stocks to Watch for Exponential Growth

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is where the digital and physical worlds seamlessly intertwine to revolutionize everyday life. The best IoT stocks to buy recognize this. As the sector leaps forward at a breathtaking pace, savvy investors are paying close attention to the best IoT stocks for exponential growth. There’s no denying the transformative impact that IoT has on the global economy, which adds to the long-term attractiveness of IoT stocks to buy, with estimates valuing the IoT market at $58

  • InvestorPlace

    The 7 Best Long-Term Dividend Stocks to Buy in May

    Amidst the stock market landscape’s choppiness, many investors seek stability by exploring dividend stocks to secure dependable returns. Both in the short term and the long run, stocks with average to above-average yields can return consistent gains, combining price appreciation and payouts. However, focusing on quality is imperative when focusing on the best dividend stocks to buy now.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips Factors including dividend growth track record,

  • Fortune

    Cisco CEO is rebranding the office as a ‘collaboration center’ and slashing private workspaces to coax employees back

    Employers have to earn their workers' commutes, Cisco's CEO Chuck Robbins says.

  • Insider Monkey

    20 Most Desirable Companies To Work For In USA

    In this article, we will discuss the 20 Most Desirable Companies To Work For In USA. You can skip our industry overview and go directly to the 5 Most Desirable Companies To Work For In USA. The year 2021 saw an unprecedented rise in quitting of jobs, now known as the Great Resignation, with over 47 […]

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    15 Best Income Stocks to Buy According to Analysts

    In this article, we discuss 15 best income stocks according to analysts. You can skip our detailed analysis of dividend investing and the performance of dividend stocks in the past, and go directly to read 5 Best Income Stocks to Buy According to Analysts. Income investing is gaining popularity as investors look for trustworthy ways […]



    綠葉製藥(02186.HK)公布,由PharmaMar許可引進的抗腫瘤創新藥—注射用蘆比替定(LY 01017)首次獲得2023年中國臨床腫瘤學會(CSCO)小細胞肺癌指南推薦,作為復發SCLC二線治療。(sl/da)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址:

  • Benzinga

    Cisco Looks To Mint ChatGPT Driven Sophisticated Hacks With Latest Offering

    Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: CSCO) warned against artificial intelligence software like OpenAI's ChatGPT making phishing attempts much harder to detect. At the 2023 RSA Conference, Cisco launched a unified, AI-driven, cross-domain security platform. Cisco's new XDR solution and the advanced features for Duo MFA will help organizations better protect the integrity of their entire IT ecosystem. Phishing accounts for about 80% of illicit access into computer systems, where hackers send emails or tex

  • infocast

    思科推出全新解決方案 思科XDR料7月正式發布

    企業網絡與安全領導者思科(NASDAQ: CSCO)公布「思科安全雲端」(Cisco Security Cloud)願景實踐的最新進展。「思科安全雲端」是一個統一並由人工智能驅動的跨域安全平台。思科發布最新XDR解決方案和Duo MFA升級功能,協助企業更有效地保護其IT生態系統的完整性。思科的XDR策略融合其深厚的專業知識,以及業內最佳的網絡及端點可見性,打造出一個基於風險的一站式解決方案。思科XDR目前處於測試階段,將在2023年7月正式發布,能有效簡化網絡安全事故的調查程序,讓資訊安全監控中心(security operations centers;SOCs)得以立即修復威脅。此雲端優先解決方案借助分析技術,確定偵測的優先順序,並將重點從無盡的調查程序轉至以實證為基礎的自動化技術,應對需優先處理的事故。思科執行副總裁暨網絡安全及協作業務總經理 Jeetu Patel表示:「網絡威脅越見複雜多變,僅有偵測而沒有回應並不足夠抵禦威脅,我們亦不可能在沒有進行偵測的情況下作出回應。思科XDR能協助資訊安全監控團隊,在威脅還未造成重大損害前迅速回應和修復威脅。思科持續秉持『連接即受保護』的

  • InvestorPlace

    The 7 Best 5G Stocks to Buy for the Next Decade

    As we march forward toward a hyperconnected future, the importance of 5G stocks is becoming increasingly evident. 5G, the fifth generation of cellular network technology, will likely revolutionize communication, offering stronger speeds, more reliable connections, and a myriad of opportunities for innovation. Moreover, with over 250 global commercial 5G network deployments already and robust momentum in mid-band and high-band spectrum auctions, the 5G future is full of promise. For those interes

  • Insider Monkey

    Top 10 Technology Stocks to Buy in 2023 According to Ray Dalio

    In this article, we discuss the top 10 technology stocks to buy in 2023, according to Ray Dalio. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of Dalio’s investment philosophy and portfolio construction, go directly to the Top 5 Technology Stocks to Buy in 2023, According to Ray Dalio. Billionaire Ray Dalio argued in a recent interview […]


    《亞洲股市》韓紐及滬深股市跌0.4% 日經及港股反覆回升0.1%-0.3%

    美股昨晚窄幅個別發展,30隻藍籌升跌各佔一半,英特爾(INTC.US)、迪士尼(DIS.US)、聯合健康(UNH.US)及思科(CSCO.US)跌2.1%-4.5%,但Travelers(TRV.US)急漲6.2%,高盛(GS.US)及強生(JNJ.US)升0.9%,道指由曾跌161點,收窄至僅續吐79點或0.2%;費城半導體指數回吐1%,收市後公布首季因減價促銷毛利率降19%遜預期的特斯拉(TSLA.US)續跌2%,盤後股價再挫6.1%報169.63美元,但亞馬遜(AMZN.US)升2%,蘋果(AAPL.US)續升0.7%,支持納指反覆逆彈3點。然而,歐元區主要股市全面反覆續升近0.1%-0.8%,西班牙跑贏;英國富時及泛歐600微吐0.1%。 美股期貨全面偏軟,受累特斯拉績後股價續挫的納指一百期貨及標普五百期貨沽壓較大,報13,141及4,169,跌0.3%及0.2%;道指期貨僅續跌22點,報34,011。亞太股市今早個別發展。美元兌日圓於亞洲續微升,日經繼昨天回軟結束八連升後,今早低見28,442獲承接,掉頭高見28,665,現報28,643,回升36點或0.1%。 澳洲200低

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Dream Retirement Stocks You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

    There is never a bad time to check out the best retirement stocks to buy. It is because you can always start thinking about your retirement regardless of age or career stage. Furthermore, exploring stocks for retirement investment can provide an excellent opportunity to analyze some of the most successful companies. Investing for the long term can seem intimidating in today’s fast-paced world. Recent events, such as the pandemic, supply chain, inflation crisis, war in Ukraine, and bank collapses

  • Fortune

    Fortune’s 2023 100 Best Companies to Work For list is out

    In a world where talent drives value, the list has increasingly become a tool for sorting out the best companies…period.

  • Fortune

    Cisco’s CEO says communication is key to leading the ‘Best Company’ through the ‘worst thing’

    Fortune’s Best Company to Work For for the third consecutive year aims for honesty and transparency even when delivering tough news, like recent layoffs.

  • Insider Monkey

    26 Companies that Donate to Nonprofits

    In this piece, we will take a look at the 26 companies that donate to nonprofits. For more companies, head on over to 5 Companies that Donate to Nonprofits. Corporate greed is always a popular topic in the press. And, firms are to blame for some extent as well. There are well known examples of […]

  • Fortune Insight

    中美科技戰|美國據報研堵浪潮集團出口禁令漏洞 切斷其與思科IBM英特爾英偉達業務來往 浪潮數字企業曾插16%

    《彭博》援引消息報導,美國正研究如何堵塞對中國伺服器及雲端運算企業浪潮集團(Inspur)所施加限制措施的漏洞,以免諸如英特爾(Intel,美:INTC)等的美國公司可以繼續自由向浪潮集團的附屬公司供貨。浪潮子公司浪潮數字企業(00596)曾急挫16%,全日插13.5%收4.91元。 美國商務部

  • InvestorPlace

    7 Stocks That Will Bring Success to the Dividend Investor

    With the market likely to encounter myriad variables this year, investors should really consider dividend stocks to buy. Fundamentally, companies that provide passive income to their stakeholders tend to weather down cycles better than their growth-centric counterparts. Mainly, this is because dividends come from profits – and profitable enterprises tend to enjoy well-established businesses. Another factor that will benefit dividend stocks to buy centers on economic realities. Recently, Federal