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  • Fortune

    Travel during the Memorial Day weekend hit a new post-pandemic record—and the summer is only getting started

    A bumper summer for air travel just kicked off with the Memorial Day weekend. Airlines are preparing for high demand in domestic and international trips.

  • Yahoo Finance

    United CEO on debt ceiling, new $1 billion Denver investment

    United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is keeping one eye on the debt ceiling drama but also on how his airline invests its capital.

  • Bloomberg

    美國三大航企要求加碼對中國航班限制 理由是中國對手票價更便宜

    【彭博】-- 在因為疫情而基本與世隔絕三年後,中國終於敞開國門。但美國航司卻無意恢復昔日繁忙無比的中美航線。在疫情爆發前的2019年,美國和中國平均每周340個直飛航班,而現在一周最多只有24個。據知情人士透露,未來美國航空、達美航空、美聯航這三大美國航司的中國航線航班數量將繼續低於疫情前的水平,但不是因為他們預期需求會減弱,主要是由於俄羅斯對包括美國在內的30多個國家關閉領空,雖然其中沒有中國。中美兩國關係整體惡化, 且難以快速找到外交解決方案。但另一方面,日本全日空, 英國航空和阿聯酋航空等航司已經重啟或宣布恢復每日飛往北京,廣州、上海等中國城市的航班。大韓航空表示,該公司的中國航班數量已經達到疫情前水平,從4月的每周13個增加到84個,本月計畫進一步增加到99個。法航正在要求法國政府限制中國航司的航班數量,稱他們因為可以飛越俄羅斯領空而享有不公平的優勢。但法航同時要求將自身飛往中國的航班增加一倍以上,達到每周14個。美國航司對增加每周中國航班數量沒有表現出多大興趣,至少在中國航司停止走穿越俄羅斯領空的北極航線前是如此,因為美方認為中國走這個航線占了燃油成本低的便宜,而且票價低、飛

  • Fortune

    Swarm of bees delays Delta flight as perplexed officials struggle to shake them off

    A swarm of bees congregated on the wing of a flight from Houston to Atlanta before it took off.

  • WSJ

    How Does Your Airline Choose Where to Fly? A Route Planner Explains

    Legacy and low-cost airlines use different models when planning their route networks. We asked a United Airlines’ global network planner to explain how the process works and the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy. Photo illustration: Nayon Cho

  • Yahoo Finance Video

    Secretary Buttigieg: We need to 'modernize FAA systems'

    Last winter, seasonal storms decimated flight schedules proving the need for infrastructure improvements for the Federal Aviation Administration's systems. Moreover, as airlines faced pilot and other labor shortages, passengers have noticed an ongoing decline in the quality of U.S. air travel from flight delays, cancellations, and even engine fires. In an interview with Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman, Brian Sozzi and Brad Smith, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, "Air traffic control staffing is not the main reason for cancellations and delays, but it is a factor." Buttiegieg adds that to keep that factor from growing, "we've got to have the tools to invest in the people and invest in the technology to modernize FAA systems. Many of these are legacy systems. They've obviously done an incredible job... but that's not something that's just going to keep going on its own." Key video moments: 00:00:05 Air traffic control hiring 00:00:20 Modernizing legacy systems 00:00:50 FAA & Pres. Biden's budget Watch our full conversation with U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg here.

  • Yahoo Finance

    The economic mood and other investing stories you may have missed this week

    There are some key changes happening in the markets.

  • Insider Monkey

    11 Best Fast Money Stocks To Buy According To Hedge Funds

    In this article, we will discuss the 11 best Fast Money stocks to buy now according to hedge funds. If you want to explore similar stocks, you can also take a look at 5 Best Fast Money Stocks To Buy According To Hedge Funds. “Trendlines Over Headlines” On April 12 Piper Sandler’s chief market technician, […]

  • InvestorPlace

    The Most Overlooked 7 Stocks in the Market Today

    Undervalued stocks offer the chance to pick up shares of companies that are trading at too low a price based on some measure of intrinsic value. The appeal in identifying such equities is obvious: Find good companies at low prices before others do and watch your investment increase in value as demand rises. The premise is simple and there are many indicators that can be used to substantiate the idea that a given stock is currently being overlooked. But like all market activity, it’s partly objec

  • Yahoo Finance

    Consumers are sending very mixed signals about the economy: Morning Brief

    The U.S. consumer is giving off weird vibes.

  • infocast

    達美航空首財季虧損收窄 今財季預測勝估計

    美國達美航空公布,截至今年3月31日止首財季錄得虧損3.63億美元,去年同期虧損9.4億美元;每股經調整盈利為0.25美元,低於市場預期的0.3美元;收入118.4億美元,低於預期的119.9億美元。達美表示,上季虧損是受到為期4年的飛機師薪酬新協議影響。達美行政總裁巴斯蒂安(Ed Bastian)認為,消費者對航空旅遊需求仍然強勁。該公司預期,本季運力將增加17%,但仍未重返新冠疫情前水平;收入預料升15-17%,經調整邊際利潤率最高為16%,每股經調整盈利介乎2-2.25美元;分析員預期收入增長為14.7%,每股盈利為1.66美元。 (BC)#達美航空 #美股


    《美股業績》達美航空(DAL.US)上季虧損收窄 第二季盈測勝預期

    達美航空(DAL.US)今年首季虧損3.63億美元,較去年同期的9.4億美元收所收窄。經調整每股盈利為0.25美元,不及市場預期,因冬季暴風雪損害了收入並推高營運開支。 截至首季末預訂量為112億美元,較去年底增長約35%。第二季有75%的國際航班已被預訂,達美航空預計第二季調整後每股盈利介乎2至2.25美元,高於市場預期的1.66美元。由於運力增長17%,預計第二季收入將按年上升15%至17%。(mn/s)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

  • Yahoo Finance

    Stocks soar ahead of bank earnings: Stock market news today

    US stocks rallied Thursday ahead of another earnings season that will pose a new test to this year's strong market rally.

  • Benzinga

    Delta Signals Travel Is Going Strong Despite Recession Fears

    Delta Airlines Inc (NYSE: DAL) was the first to report earnings on Thursday, April 12th. After it posted a wider quarterly loss than expected, Delta's shares dropped 1.7%, pulling down even American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ: AAL) whose shares sank 9% as it revealed a weaker than expected guidance. Delta Delta reported an adjusted revenue of $11.84 billion that came below analyst estimates that averaged $11.99 billion. For the quarter that ended on March 31st, Delta made a net loss of $363 mill

  • Yahoo Finance

    Delta CEO on earnings miss: 'We were quite pleased'

    While economists weigh the risks of an ever-telegraphed, yet unpunctual recession, travel industry executives maintain that demand is here to stay

  • Yahoo Finance

    What does a GM top exec drive? A Hummer EV and a 650-horsepower muscle car.

    Yahoo Finance briefly talks cars with the CFO of GM.

  • WSJ

    How Aircraft Collisions Are Avoided at the World’s Busiest Airport

    Aircraft close calls have been rising, prompting safety concerns. WSJ goes inside the air traffic control tower at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to see how controllers juggle around 2,100 flights every day. Photo illustration: Nayon Cho

  • WSJ

    How Delta Makes 3,200 Airline Meals a Day at Its Largest Hub in Atlanta

    At Delta’s largest kitchen facility at its hub in Atlanta, teams must cook, package and transport 3,200 meals a day for the airline’s first-class passengers. Here’s an inside look at how they make it work. Photo: Tanner Shinnick for The Wall Street Journal

  • Benzinga

    JetBlue Joins United, Delta To Pare Flights To Ease Congestion And Delays

    JetBlue Airways Corp (NASDAQ: JBLU) is preparing to prune New York flights during the impending summer travel season. The federal regulators urged carriers to reduce schedules by up to 10% at some of the nation’s busiest airports due to a crisis in air-traffic controllers, Bloomberg reports. “This summer is going to be really hard again,” Chief Executive Officer Robin Hayes said Wednesday at the Economic Club of New York. “We need to reduce flying and make sure we can operate what we’ve got.” In

  • WSJ

    An Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Sleep on a Plane

    Airplane ticket prices are going up, yet economy seat sizes are shrinking. Here’s how you can find a more comfortable position for your in-flight snooze in coach.

  • Insider Monkey

    15 Most Profitable Growth Stocks Now

    In this article, we will discuss the 15 Most Profitable Growth Stocks Now. You can skip our industry overview and go directly to the 5 Most Profitable Growth Stocks Now. Growth stocks refer to listed companies that are growing their profits, revenue, or cash flow at a rate that exceeds their competitors and beats the overall […]

  • Fortune

    Delta passenger arrested for opening plane door then escaping down inflatable slide as plane prepared for takeoff

    The airline said the flight to Seattle was interrupted by an “unruly passenger.”

  • Insider Monkey

    35 Most Visited Countries in the World

    In this article, we will be taking a look at the 35 most visited countries in the world. To skip our detailed analysis of the travel industry, you can go directly to see the 10 most visited countries in the world. When the entire world ground to a halt in the wake of the Covid-19 […]

  • Insider Monkey

    26 Companies that Donate to Nonprofits

    In this piece, we will take a look at the 26 companies that donate to nonprofits. For more companies, head on over to 5 Companies that Donate to Nonprofits. Corporate greed is always a popular topic in the press. And, firms are to blame for some extent as well. There are well known examples of […]

  • Yahoo Finance

    Boeing CEO: Travel demand right now is 'substantial'

    Boeing CEO strikes a bullish note on demand.