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  • Benzinga

    Salesforce Reports A Decent Quarter With A Big AI Promise

    Salesforce Inc (NYSE: CRM) not only topped estimates across the board but also raised full year earnings guidance. However, stock dropped 7% upon the report owed to the fact that capital expenditures were higher than expected.Its shares are under pressure as customers are backing away from consulting deals with the software giant experiencing its slowest pace of growth in 13 years. Salesforce is another tech powerhouse that integrated AI tools into its business, but it is behind its rivals Micro

  • Financial Times

    Facebook to block news for some users in Canada

    Social media platform’s parent company Meta seeks to deter law forcing online groups to pay publishers and broadcasters for content

  • Yahoo Finance Video

    Stock market gains powered by just a few stocks

    Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon have seen their shares skyrocket this year. In fact, the gains in just a handful of stocks have powered the major indexes higher. Yahoo Finance's Jared Blikre explains.

  • Yahoo Finance stock plummets after forecast disappoints shares were punished by investors on Thursday after the company failed to deliver the kind of blowout numbers recently reported by some peers in the AI race.

  • Yahoo Finance Video

    AI stocks to buy if you want to play the AI 'supercycle': Strategist

    As chipmaker Nvidia soars above a $1 trillion market value, investors are searching for the next big tech name that could see the same AI boost. Portfolio Manager of the American Ingenuity Fund Adam Johnson details several tech stocks that could follow Nvidia's lead and capitalize on artificial intelligence trends.

  • Yahoo Finance

    Apple’s App Store facilitated $1.1 trillion in sales in 2022: Study

    A report by Analysis Group says that Apple's App Store facilitated $1.1 trillion in sales and billings in 2022.

  • Yahoo Finance

    The generative AI hype bubble runs through Nvidia

    Nvidia is the go-to name for AI chips, and powering Wall Street's hype train.

  • Benzinga

    Nvidia Vulnerable To In-House AI Chip Production By Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon

    Despite Nvidia Corp's (NASDAQ: NVDA) AI moat, companies developing their AI models are migrating towards custom chips to curtail costs and tackle compatibility issues and supply crises. Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google is on its fourth iteration of its in-house Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). Meta Platforms, Inc's (NASDAQ: META) inaugural custom AI chip, Meta Training Inference Accelerator (MTIA), will likely go live in 2025. Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) has also jumped into the

  • Insider Monkey

    What Makes Alphabet (GOOGL) an Attractive Investment Now?

    Third Point Management, a New York-based investment advisor, released its first-quarter 2023 investor letter. A copy of the same can be downloaded here. The Third Point Offshore Fund returned -4.1% net in the first quarter compared to a 7.5% return for the S&P 500 INDEX (TR) and a 7.9% return for the MSCI WORLD INDEX (TR). […]

  • Insider Monkey

    Top 15 Offshore Tax Havens in the World

    In this article, we take a look at the top 15 offshore tax havens in the world. For more on this, go to the Top 5 Offshore Tax Havens in the World. Offshore tax havens offer foreign individuals and companies minimal or no tax liability in an economically and politically stable environment. These havens serve […]

  • Fortune

    Just 5 stocks including Nvidia account for 96% of the S&P 500’s gains this year

    The S&P's comeback this year gets only two cheers. A few big stocks are overperforming, while the rest of the market reflects the reversal of a historic earnings blowout.

  • Benzinga

    Softbank's Power Play: Arm Charges into AI Arena with Power-Packed Chips

    Softbank Group Corp (OTC: SFTBF) (OTC: SFTBY) is betting on the artificial intelligence momentum to pique investor curiosity ahead of its much-anticipated initial public offering. Arm technology enables many AI applications and will be fundamental to building the next wave of AI innovations, Bloomberg cites CEO Rene Haas at the Computex trade show in Taiwan on Monday. Arm launched two new products to boost smartphone performance, including the Arm Cortex-X4, its fourth-generation Cortex-X core,

  • Insider Monkey

    14 Best Self-Driving Car Stocks To Invest In

    In this article, we will take a look at the 14 best self-driving car stocks to invest in. For more stocks, head on over to 5 Best Self-Driving Car Stocks To Invest In. According to Fortune Business Insights, the autonomous cars market size is expected to increase from $1.63 billion in 2022 to $19.96 billion […]

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Tech Stocks That Will Reign Supreme in the New World

    Tech stocks are heating up on the promise of AI. The technology sector needed something new and exciting to reinvigorate investor interest, and it got exactly that with the introduction of artificial intelligence chatbots. In the last six months, AI has dominated the technology industry, along with discussions about education, the future of work, and life as we know it. Suddenly, people can write an essay, compose a song, draw a picture, and code a video game using a simple voice command.Investo

  • Insider Monkey

    16 Jobs That Will Disappear in the Future Due to AI

    In this article, we will take a look at the 16 jobs that will disappear in the future due to AI. To see more such jobs, go directly to 5 Jobs That Will Disappear in the Future Due to AI. By now you must have heard or read about how AI-powered bots are coming for […]

  • Insider Monkey

    Top 10 Generative Artificial Intelligence Companies to Invest In

    In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 generative artificial intelligence companies to invest in. To see more such companies, go directly to Top 5 Generative Artificial Intelligence Companies to Invest In. Generative AI will perhaps be the most dominant and consequential buzzword of not only 2023 but this decade. Generative […]

  • InvestorPlace

    What Does Harvard Know That You Don’t? 3 Stocks the Ivy League Giant Is Betting On Now.

    The Harvard Endowment Fund aims to finance the ongoing operations at Harvard University in Boston. Its goal isn’t to deliver outrageously good returns. Slightly better than average will do. In fiscal 2022 (June year-end), it reported a return of -1.8%. However, thanks to the gains in 2021, it returned more than $2.1 billion to the university’s operating budget, accounting for 36% of Harvard’s 2022 revenue. As of June 30, 2022, the fund was worth $50.9 billion, invested across various asset class

  • Financial Times

    South Korea’s Naver to target foreign governments with latest ChatGPT-like AI model

    Naver, South Korea’s dominant internet search engine, is set to offer tailored versions of its latest ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence model to foreign governments concerned about US data controls. Unlike Microsoft and Google’s focus on universal AI models, Naver is keen to develop localised AI applications for countries with political sensitivities in the Arab world, as well as for non-English speaking countries such as Spain and Mexico, where governments are keen to have their own AI systems customised to their political and cultural contexts. “This will be a massive business as sovereign AI technology is becoming increasingly important for data protection,” said Sung Nako, a Naver executive in charge of developing hyperscale AI, which involves the organising of computing power and data in the cloud on a massive scale to train and operate AI.

  • Insider Monkey

    Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller’s 2023 Portfolio: Top 10 Stock Picks

    In this article, we will take a look at billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller’s 2023 portfolio and his top 10 stock picks. To see more such companies, go directly to Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller’s 2023 Portfolio: Top 5 Stock Picks. Pessimism, doom and gloom was starting to be visible in Stanley Druckenmiller’s tone last year when the billionaire […]

  • Yahoo Finance

    Eighty-two percent of millennials worry AI will threaten their pay, survey says

    Investors believe AI is the latest tech revolution. Millennial workers are worried this will mean less pay for the same work.

  • InvestorPlace

    3 AI Stocks That Could Beat Out Google and Microsoft

    Unless you’ve been off the grid for most of 2023, you know that artificial intelligence is the newest thing for investors. For investing in AI stocks, two of the biggest names that come to mind are Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). The reason is advances in generative AI. Through its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft released ChatGPT. Google released Bard in response. These two companies will be battling it out in this space for years to come. But that leaves other opportunit

  • Yahoo財經

    美股日誌|龍頭科技股全線造好 納指升2.4%


  • InvestorPlace

    3 Tech Stocks With the Best AI Language Models

    The stocks on the list are prominent tech stocks with cutting-edge AI language models. The first stock’s advancements include the PaLM API, MakerSuite, and the Generative AI App Builder. It enables developers to generate various media from natural language prompts. In contrast, the second one collaborates with OpenAI and utilizes GPT-3.5 to resolve complex cloud incidents. It is revolutionizing incident management with faster detection and accurate root cause analysis. The third company’s LLaMA

  • Benzinga

    TikTok CEO Says Montana's Ban Of The App Is 'Simply Unconstitutional' — These 3 Stocks Could Gain If The Platform Goes Away

    Earlier this month, Montana became the first state in the U.S. to ban the popular short-form video app TikTok. And now the company has filed a lawsuit against the state. “We believe that the Montana bill that was recently passed is simply unconstitutional,” TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew said at the Qatar Economic Forum. “We very recently filed a lawsuit to challenge this in the courts, and we are confident that we will prevail.” U.S. lawmakers have expressed concerns that the Chinese government may po

  • Fortune

    Top A.I. companies are getting serious about A.I. safety and concern about ‘extremely bad’ A.I. risks is growing

    A recent paper from Google DeepMind, OpenAI, and Anthropic could be a key step in developing shared safety protocols