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  • K
    Why is Nasdaq continuously going higher? Simple, fears of inflation and the dollar keeps dropping. When the dollar forms a bottom, QQQ will crash without a doubt. Meanwhile, you will have the media stating that “fears of inflation” is the reason why the market is dropping.

    Looking at historical p/e’s of s&p and many other big tech stocks, ie $AAPL, $MSFT just as a couple of examples. Who here knows how much these stocks would have to drop in order to reach their historical averages?? Here’s a hint. Apple is expected to have 4.46 EPS this year. Their average surprise beat is around 15-20%. With a 20% yearly beat, Apple would have an EPS of about 5.35. At 16 p/e that would give them a price of about 85$/share (35+% drop). The only big news they announced are that they are joining the EV game. That is all speculation and does not mean that their business in that space will fail or not be profitable, just like their business in the server space. Then looking at $MSFT. Their expected EPS for this year is 7.4. Let’s say they beat earnings in 2021 by 25% each quarter (their biggest beat was by 23% last year), that would give them an EPS of 9.25. At the historical average of 16 p/e, that would represent an share price of about 148$, representing an over 40% decline! And those are the biggest tech stocks, so you can make a guess as to how much further $QQQ has to fall to reach historical averages.

    The above, I also based on FORWARD p/e’s. The whole s/p is insanely overvalued and what happened last year and happening this year is going to lead new investor in believing this is the norm. The norm is that p/e and p/s rations WILL matter and there is not enough growth from the biggest names to support the p/e’ and p/s ratios they currently hold.

    Then to add to that, you have corporate tax hikes coming and interest rates which will undoubtedly go up as the economy is recovering (best unemployment news since before the pandemic yesterday). The dollar will go back up as the economy recovers and unemployment continues to drop. And if inflation does indeed continue to rise, the rates will certainly offset that.

    There isn’t much more upside and plenty of downside! As a retail invested I would sell into the strength and be patiently waiting into another major market pull back.

    $sqqq $tqqq $qqq
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    $MSFT conversation
    Maintains Argus Buy USD 275 » USD 300
  • C
    I dont understand why anyone would plow into these here there is zero negatives at all priced in let alone the leverage keeping these bubbles up $aapl $amzn $googl $msft $tsla they are all viacoms waiting to happen except the whole world are long and dependent. In fact one of u should buy viac while your stock is so overvalued
  • I
    Can’t remember when Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar AR contract was announced, but it may have been on 3/31/21. Let’s do a comparison of stock prices of $MSFT, $AMZN and $AAPL from the close on 3/30/2021 to 4/9/2021 close:

    3/30/2021 close: $231.85
    4/9/2021 close: $255.85

    Gain is approximately 10.35%


    3/30/2021 close: $3055.29
    4/9/2021 close: $3372.2

    Gain is approximately 10.37%


    3/30/2021 close: $119.9
    4/9/2021 close: $132.99

    Gain is approximately 10.92%

    So, as you can see, despite a terrific positive news, the stock of $MSFT has still performed about the same as its tech peers / competitors.

    This is NOT a commentary on Microsoft, which I find to be a solid company growing at a rapid pace, but on its stock price, which NEVER seems to catch up to its fundamentals and future potential. This is why I remain unimpressed with the STOCK.
  • I
    Look at the stock price performance of $MSFT in comparison to that of $AMZN and $AAPL from 3/30/2021 (day before the big AR deal that Microsoft won) to today. The other companies have actually performed better than $MSFT. 🤷‍♂️

    NOT an issue with Microsoft (which is a solid company with strong fundamentals), but quite an underwhelming performance of its stock price.
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    $MSFT conversation
    BUY; BUY; BUY; $MSFT next step $300.00 !!! No Stopping This Rocket Ship !!!
  • R
    $NEXCF conversation
    #msft et al bought over 100 start up ar/vr startups over the last few years.

    No surprise they avoid this fraud Ponzi scheme #NTAR
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    $TSM conversation
    $Msft carrying me to victory until mfers buy this after earnings
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    $CSLT conversation
    $MSFT is a Castlight customer. MSFT is buying $NUAN today. When deal closes (or at the latest on Jan 1, 2020, Nuance’s US employees should be given access to CSLT as well. nuance has over 7,000 employees.
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    $SNAP conversation
    Hoping that any remaining shorts take the stimulus checks we provided them and maybe they'll invest in some snap, $amzn, $msft. They need a hand up and that's ok.

  • C
    Fakest bs i ever saw.
    Half my portfolio down 6% today.
    Its same ole bubble caps propping up indices and looks like market in small and mid caps let alone other names. Looks like tons of sectors being firesold by the fed yes i think the fed and pds held these names- same fed who are now using that money to hide the damage $aapl $msft $amzn $viac very very scary market to see mid caps evwrywhere collapse and people pretending hiding in 40 pe apple or amzn is healthy
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    Howler Monkey
    $intel is now the company that the droogies love to rail against. It all turns into gold. $msft showed the way. Now everyone loves them. It’s a cycle of investor behavior.
  • F
    $MSFT $WIMI $GOOG Not so bad, have a certain ability to operate and risk tolerance, can look for the hot plate of the upward trend, and arrange the stocks that stop falling and stabilize in batches at a low price.
  • B
    $PSFE conversation
    Believe me shorts now nothing about the coming future. PSFE is so cheap; I see PSFE may easily hit 60-70 before the end of this year but I am afraid all indicator tells me that PSFE possibly will be bought out before 60 imho. Potential buyers may be:
    $SQ $PYPL or even $FB $GOOGL $MSFT etc yu name it.
  • M
    $NOK inking deals with $GOOGL, Collaborating with the big boys $AMZN and $MSFT. One day, $NOK is going to start going up and keep going up, just like AMD did after sittting at 4 dollars forever, most people gave up on AMD. #potential is worth it.
  • I
    Lol, $AMZN closed stronger than $MSFT. Like I said, I’m super bearish.
  • A
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $MSFT The US military confirmed on Wednesday local time that Microsoft has won a huge contract worth up to 21.9 billion U.S. dollars to produce 120,000 HoloLens augmented reality (AR) helmets for it within 10 years. This is the largest AR equipment procurement contract ever awarded by the US military. This transaction shows that Microsoft can finally earn considerable income through AR business, not only relying on core businesses such as operating systems and productivity software, which also bodes well for other AR companies in the industry, which represents the AR industry in 2021 Formally entering the first year of rapid development, US stocks AR concept stocks were stimulated by news and pulled up strongly in the late trading.
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    Apple Inc.
    Apple is in active talks with several suppliers of LIDAR sensors, which allow the Car's computer to "see" its surroundings, to implement a key technology in the development of its self-driving Apple Car, Bloomberg reports.
    Bloomberg said Apple has been working on the driverless car project for years and has developed most of the necessary software, underlying processors and artificial intelligence algorithms for such a complex system itself. What Apple is looking for now is the hardware to go with it.
    According to reports, ongoing discussions indicate that Apple has yet to identify a preferred supplier for LIDAR, and that it may consider a number of options during development, including highly customized sensors.
    Autonomous vehicle technology based on LIDAR sensors could be available in four to five years, sources told Bloomberg. This is yet another indication of Apple's planned timeline for the release of self-driving technology. An Apple spokesman declined to comment. $WIMI $MSFT $GOOG
  • w
    $^RUT conversation
    Like I said yesterday morning, the market is now in a full fledged Deep Dive. ($FB, $AMZN, $NFLX, $MSFT, $GOOG) $^GSPC, $^DJI, $^IXIC, $^RUT
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    Alphabet Inc.
    $GOOG $MSFT $WIMI In a new pilot study in rural Manitoba, the University of Michigan will give stroke patients in the area a virtual reality (VR) headset for yoga rehabilitation training.