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    Refreshed Rudy
    $AMD conversation
    Absolutely agree with @cd in his post. ( I'm showing this as a separate post)
    Wall Street is a joke and an expensive one at that. It has become a moral hazard that thrives on creating confusion amid FUD.

    This was another comment put out today by an analyst " Chips may be sold out for 2022 thanks to shortage, but investors are worried about the end of the party". Why would CEO's of $INTEL, $TSMC, $GFS and $ SMSN.IL (Samsung) to name a few FABs put up B$100's to build new foundries if the party is about to end ? Let's not forget that the CEO's of those companies know their business better the Wall Street analysts and soothsayers.

    Interesting how Wall Street Analysts have become soothsayers. Personally, I think the investment model has changed drastically and they are not in touch with it and are struggling to find relevance.

    Yet we are trapped in the effects of the moral hazard.

    $MSFT (and AMD) started in deep red in the AH and yet the information was there in plain sight in the published information and there was careless and reckless manipulation of the interpretation reflected in the announcements coming out and the resulting effect on the AH markets.
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    $MSFT conversation
    $MSFT Q2 Revenue

    Commercial Cloud: $22.1B vs. $21.9B Expected
    Personal Computing: $17.5B vs. $16.7B Expected
    Productivity: $15.9B vs. $15.9B Expected
    Azure up 46% YOY
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    $^DJI conversation
    All four DJIA reporting earnings this morning are up today. $AXP leading the charge up 9%. $IBM which reported last night is up 5.5% today. $MSFT reports tonight. Yes, earnings do matter and should be the primary focus.
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    $ATVI conversation
    MSFT is the real winner. They are gonna be like Disney of gaming You gotta be blind not to see this investment will push MSFT stock price to 400 ,then lowly but surely 500 + in 2 years IMHO. What a steal while the other big guns in sleep. Msft will dominate not only gaming in classic markets but also metaverse gaming arena in 5 years for sure. Oh well you gotta congrad to MSFT and shareholders since they kind of stole ATVI with at least 20% discount on ticket price. lol. Yeah I am buying MSFT as much as I can instead FB ,DIS or others
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    Time  to lock in profits
    $MSFT conversation
    I warned YESTERDAY of TODAYS pump and dump look 👀
    Time to lock in profits yesterday
    $MSFT conversation
    Beware pump and dump.
    Powell tomorrow 2pm has bad news for markets
    Without fed stimulus and 0% interest rates market is going lower.
    Pros selling relentlessly as they know...
    In addition unemployment and stimulus checks are over assuring recession..
    They want to keep you in the game till they get all your money 💰...
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    $INTC conversation
    I bet we will see soon insiders load up on $INTC like they did 3 months ago:

    10/25/2021 Frank D. Yeary Director 10,000 $49.66 $496,595.00
    10/25/2021 Dion J. Weisler Director 5,015 $49.85 $249,997.75
    10/25/2021 Risa J. Lavizzo-mourey Director 5,000 $49.50 $247,500.00
    10/25/2021 James J. Goetz Director 20,000 $49.76 $995,200.00
    10/25/2021 Patrick P. Gelsinger CEO 10,000 $49.94 $499,398.00
    10/26/2021 Dion J. Weisler Director 5,147 $48.57 $249,977.65
    10/28/2021 Omar Ishrak Director 20,000 $48.02 $960,418.00
    10/28/2021 Tsu-jae King Liu Director 1,000 $48.00 $48,000.00
    10/28/2021 Gregory D. Smith Director 10,440 $47.96 $500,652.29
    10/28/2021 Dion J. Weisler Director 10,351 $48.11 $498,034.92

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    $AAPL conversation
    To my fellow apple and $MSFT longs - We have two options to consider in this volatile market condition:
    1st is buy the dip if you can.
    2nd is do nothing. Don't buy, don't sell. They will be the first ones to rise.
    Apple and Microsoft are the 2 best companies in the world. Market caps speak!!!!!!
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    I would not be surprised if we gap up tomorrow then sell into the close right before $MSFT earnings 🤣
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    $MSFT conversation
    Earnings are coming out next week. The interest rate excuses is FUD for institutions to pick up cheap shares. Don't fall for it. Wall street is buying up shares of $MSFT, $AAPL, and $AMD, all of whom report next week. And market expects them to have good ERs.
    AMD and MSFT - Jan 25th, Tuesday
    AAPL - Jan 27th, Thursday
    Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    Petition to kick $NFLX from the FAANG and be replaced by $MSFT. Who’s with me?
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    $mSft made my day pleasant. The market will take off at 2:30 pm today and the worst is going to be over. Cheers!
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    $^DJI conversation
    It was an interesting day to say the least, but the most interesting was that after all was said and done, three DJIA stocks were under accumulation, $MSFT, $PG and $UNH. Only one was under distribution, $BA. This was a function of low volume, indicating more of a lack of buyers rather than panic selling. This was after yesterday where one stock was under distribution and one stock was under accumulation, hardly worth getting excited about. 2022 still looks like a 37,000 level year, so a few good blue chip value stocks are giving long-term investors a good entry point in here.
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    $MSFT conversation
    This is why I told you to buy as much as you can of $MSFT, $AAPL, and $AMD. All up closing in the green as expected. All three recovered nicely and only going to get better next week. Stay long and keep telling yourself: The FUD is unsustainable. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    The 4 stocks I would NEVER short:

    - $MSFT
    - $TSLA
    - $FB
    - $ARKK

    The stock I would short:

    - $HOOD (I haven’t shorted any)
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    $AAPL conversation
    I added shares to apple and $MSFT as much as I ever could during these dips. I even started small positions in $GOOG and $FB. Market is so volatile these days but I took these dips as opportunities to add and started positions on these great companies. I don't have exit plan so I will hold and stay long! Brighter horizon is waiting!!!!
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    $INTC conversation
    $IBM $TSM $AMD $AAPL $MSFT $QCOM $NVDA $MSFT - non of them have a PE of 9 like $INTC. I wonder who sell $INTC with all that in the horizon. Don't get me wrong all mentioned companies are good it just crazy to me that folks don't buy $INTC at such levels.
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    $NVDA conversation
    Selling of Nvidia, $AMD, $MSFT and $AAPL during this correction is one of the biggest investment mistakes that long-term investors can make. When these great companies start to rise, you will regret that you have sold your shares because you will need substantial amount of luck to correctly determine when you will buy again. Don't sell longs, be patient!
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    $MSFT conversation
    As expected, MSFT, AMD, and APPL are rebounding from yesterday's kneejerk selling. Options expiring today will help give an additional push up and next week should be testing higher resistance with the shorter trading week. Everyone's looking at value stocks now and $MSFT, $APPL, and $AMD are going to be one of the big names everyone rotates into. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    $AAPL conversation
    Apple, your twin $MSFT has turned green AH. It's your turn now!
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    $GOOG conversation
    I am a long tech retail investor. I've been investing regularly in $AAPL and $MSFT since June 2020 - just buying and never sold any shares. Although I am familiar with google, I spent couple of days to determine whether I'll add it in my portfolio. So today, I started a small position in google, took the opportunity to buy while in dip. Good luck to all longs!!!