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  • Benzinga

    BHP and Microsoft: An Unlikely Duo Boosting Copper Mining with AI

    BHP Group Ltd (NYSE: BHP) is collaborating with Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve copper mining. The use of new digital technology to optimize concentrator performance at BHP's Escondida operation in Chile is expected to improve copper recovery. BHP estimates the world would need to double the amount of copper produced over the next 30 years, relative to the past 30 to meet the demand of decarbonization technologies. By using real-time p

  • Financial Times

    AI executives warn its threat to humanity rivals ‘pandemics and nuclear war’

    Statement with more than 350 signatories says mitigating the risk of extinction should be a ‘global priority’

  • Yahoo Finance

    The 'Magnificent Seven' tech stocks drive markets higher as AI mania grips investors

    AI hype is in full bloom in the US stock market. And the biggest names in the market are doing the heavy lifting pushing stocks higher.



    國家市場監管總局公布5月15至21日無條件批准經營者集中案件列表,包括批准微軟(MSFT.US)收購動視暴雪(ATVI.US)股權案,審結時間為5月18日。(jl/da)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址:

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  • Yahoo Finance

    Nvidia debuts new AI supercomputers and services after shares skyrocket

    Nvidia debuted a host of new AI technologies on Monday, as the chip giant's stock price soared on a positive second quarter outlook.


    Nvidia(NVDA.US)推AI超級電腦 料微軟(MSFT.US)等成首批用戶

    Nvidia(NVDA.US)行政總裁黃仁勳公布一系列與人工智能相關的新產品及服務,包括推出AI超級電腦DGX GH200,將可協助科技公司創造新一代ChatGPT,而微軟(MSFT.US)、Meta(META.US)及谷歌預計將成DGX GH200的首批用戶。


    《大行報告》高盛上調微軟(MSFT.US)目標價至350美元 評級「買入」

    高盛發表研究報告指出,微軟(MSFT.US)在Build開發者大會上發布產品,相信可為公司龐大的產品配套帶來更高的每月每戶平均收入(ARPU)。該行認為,微軟仍然堅定不移地將生成式AI功能納入其產品的各方面,目前已有4,500個企業客戶使用Azure OpenAI服務,預期生成式AI對Azure的增長貢獻將於今年第四季起加速。 該行進一步對微軟Azure明年收入增長預測由22.7%上調至23.4%,以反映微軟加快對圍繞聊天機械人Copilot的產品配件創新步伐。同時,該行略為下調微軟的毛利率,提高其資本開支預測,將其目標價由335美元上調至350美元,重申「買入」評級。(jl/u)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址:

  • Insider Monkey

    16 Jobs That Will Disappear in the Future Due to AI

    In this article, we will take a look at the 16 jobs that will disappear in the future due to AI. To see more such jobs, go directly to 5 Jobs That Will Disappear in the Future Due to AI. By now you must have heard or read about how AI-powered bots are coming for […]

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    12 Best Software Infrastructure Stocks to Buy

    In this article, we will take a look at the 12 best software infrastructure stocks to buy. To see more such companies, go directly to 5 Best Software Infrastructure Stocks to Buy. One of the industries that have benefitted directly from the technology boom over the past few years is software infrastructure. Tech and non-tech […]

  • Yahoo財經

    美股日誌|龍頭科技股全線造好 納指升2.4%


  • Insider Monkey

    30 Best PC Games of All Time

    In this article, we look at the 30 best PC games of all time. If you want to skip our analysis of how we ranked these games and want to dive directly into the best games ever, head to the 10 Best PC Games Of All Time. The gaming industry has been a billion-dollar business […]

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    12 Best Growth Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2023 According to Billionaire Rajiv Jain

    In this article, we discuss 12 best growth stocks to buy and hold in 2023 according to billionaire Rajiv Jain. If you want to see more stocks in this selection, check out 5 Best Growth Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2023 According to Billionaire Rajiv Jain. Bloomberg reported on May 23 that Rajiv Jain, […]

  • Yahoo Finance

    Why Nvidia's boom isn't a bubble: Morning Brief

    Make no mistake, Nvidia has captured the imagination of Wall Street.

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  • Fortune

    Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision Blizzard deal is an expensive slog and distraction — and CEO Satya Nadella knows he’d be nuts to walk away

    Regulators want to block the largest acquisition in Microsoft's nearly five-decade history. But there's a very good reason for Microsoft to fight for the deal.

  • Yahoo財經

    美股日誌|英偉達颷24%帶挈AI概念 道指5連跌


  • InvestorPlace

    3 Tech Stocks to Buy Before They Soar to New Heights in 2023

    Tech stocks have had a great start to 2023 after the sell-off in 2022. With the growing demand and success of cloud computing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, tech companies are ready for a solid comeback. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 33% in 2022 and several stocks took a beating. Many companies suffered more than expected but things are looking better this year and now is a good time to start looking for the top tech stocks to buy. With a soft inflation report and the econ

  • InvestorPlace

    Tech Leads the Market

    It’s been full steam ahead for technology stocks recently. The tech-heavy NASDAQ has dramatically outperformed the other major indices in May so far, rising 3.9%. In comparison, the S&P 500 has dropped 0.4%, while the Dow has dropped 3.9%. And mega-cap technology stocks are leading the NASDAQ higher.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips It’s worth noting that three of these stocks – namely, Alphabet Inc. (Google), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) – are pros

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    7 Meme Stocks to Buy Before They Soar to New Heights in 2023

    Memes are simply images and videos with humorous text included that tend to spread rapidly across the internet. Combine them with stocks and you get wallstreetbets. That’s where the majority of meme stock information is communicated. For an easier-to-navigate listing of meme stocks investors can go here. That’s where all of the companies discussed below were found. These shares are not risky overall despite the reputation that investing in meme stocks may have. There are a few bets to be sure. B

  • Financial Times

    Nvidia races towards $1tn club as AI frenzy drives chip stocks higher

    Shares across semiconductor sector surge after Silicon Valley chipmaker delivers blowout financial report

  • Fortune

    Microsoft: Advanced A.I. models need government regulation, with rules similar to anti-fraud and terrorism safeguards at banks

    The company is also pushing for licensing and "know your customer" rules. But critics are wary of "regulatory capture."

  • InvestorPlace

    NVDA Is Breaking Records, and It’s All Thanks to AI?

    Last night, chipmaking giant Nvidia (NVDA) fired a warning shot to every single investor on the planet. The message? We have officially and irreversibly entered the Age of AI. Some investors will make fortunes over the next few years during this new technological paradigm shift. Others will lose them. And the time to prepare for this revolution is now. InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips That’s what Nvidia’s earnings report confirmed last night. The company absolutely

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    13 Best Vanguard Funds for Retirement

    In this article, we will take a look at the 13 best Vanguard funds for retirement. To see more such funds, go directly to 5 Best Vanguard Funds for Retirement. Retirement planning is becoming an extremely important matter for millions of Americans who are fast approaching their retirement age. Millions of Baby Boomers retire each […]