NVDA Jan 2024 240.000 call

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-5.75 (-3.33%)
市場開市。 截至 02:21PM EDT。
今日波幅166.55 - 173.50
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    10 Stocks Jim Cramer and Hedge Funds Have In Common

    In this article, we will be taking a look at 10 stocks Jim Cramer and hedge funds have in common. To see more of these stocks, you can go directly to see 5 Stocks Jim Cramer and Hedge Funds Have In Common. “If You Use NVIDIA’s Chips, You Can Speak In The Vernacular Of ChatGPT” […]

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    Tech stocks have powered market gains: Can it last?

    Just a handful of tech stocks, including Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla, and Amazon are responsible for the most of the big gains we have seen in the Nasdaq. Michele Schneider, Chief Strategist at Marketgauge.com tells Yahoo Finance Live why she thinks it would be "healthy" to see some of these stocks pull back.

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    Decoding Nvidia CEO's Visit to Shanghai: Impact on Gaming, Graphics, and AI Processor Market

    Nvidia Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA) CEO Jensen Huang could visit Shanghai, the first visit in four years. Despite escalating geopolitical tensions, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang may visit Shanghai on June 6. Huang may meet executives from Tencent Holding Ltd (OTC: TCEHY), TikTok owner ByteDance Ltd, smartphone giant Xiaomi Corp (OTC: XIACY) (OTC: XIACF), and automobile makers BYD Co, Ltd (OTC: BYDDF) (OTC: BYDDY) and Li Auto Inc (NASDAQ: LI), SCMP reports. The Taiwan-born American entrepreneur spent this week

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    Nvidia-Backed CoreWeave Join Forces in Microsoft's AI Dominance Pursuit"

    Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) has agreed to spend potentially billions of dollars over multiple years on cloud computing infrastructure from startup CoreWeave. CoreWeave, announced Wednesday that it raised $200 million from hedge fund Magnetar Capital just over a month after the company reached a valuation of $2 billion, CNBC cites familiar sources. CoreWeave sells simplified access to Nvidia Corp’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) graphics processing units, which are ideal for running AI models. Nvidia invested

  • South China Morning Post

    Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said to arrive in Shanghai on Tuesday

    Nvidia founder and chief executive Jensen Huang Jen-hsun may arrive in Shanghai next Tuesday, according to state-backed newspaper Shanghai Securities News. A visit to the eastern Chinese metropolis would be part of his reported trip to China, the first one in four years, despite escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing over semiconductors and other advanced technologies. Nvidia declined to comment on the visit on Friday. Do you have questions about the biggest topics and trends from ar

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    AI will create ‘more losers than winners’ even as Nvidia soars

    Nvidia is one of a handful of companies that will sustain this year’s rebound in US stocks even as the rapid advances in artificial intelligence “creates more losers than winners”, according to one of the biggest recent buyers of shares in the US chipmaker. Silicon Valley-based Nvidia, whose tech powers AI applications including ChatGPT, last week became the first chipmaker to hit a $1tn valuation as investors stampeded into companies that are seen as the biggest beneficiaries from developments in AI.

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    美股日誌|債務協議過重要關口 納指升1.2%


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    Stock market gains powered by just a few stocks

    Apple, Nvidia, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon have seen their shares skyrocket this year. In fact, the gains in just a handful of stocks have powered the major indexes higher. Yahoo Finance's Jared Blikre explains.

  • Fortune

    Nvidia was born in the booth of a bullet-ridden Denny’s—now it’s worth $1 trillion

    Before he was CEO, Jensen Huang waited tables at the restaurant chain.

  • Yahoo Finance

    C3.ai stock plummets after forecast disappoints

    C3.ai shares were punished by investors on Thursday after the company failed to deliver the kind of blowout numbers recently reported by some peers in the AI race.

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    10 Stocks Jim Cramer Thinks Can Weather a Debt Default

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  • Financial Times

    Taiwan’s supply chain centrality and Nvidia’s ‘rock star’ CEO

    This is Lauly writing from Taipei. The Taiwan-born American entrepreneur, whose company is riding high on the generative AI boom, received a rock starlike reception from the tech-focused island. On Monday and Tuesday, Huang delivered a keynote speech on generative AI, hosted a media roundtable and dropped by the booth of QCT, a Quanta Computer subsidiary and key AI server supplier to ChatGPT developer OpenAI.

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    AI stocks to buy if you want to play the AI 'supercycle': Strategist

    As chipmaker Nvidia soars above a $1 trillion market value, investors are searching for the next big tech name that could see the same AI boost. Portfolio Manager of the BullseyeBrief.com American Ingenuity Fund Adam Johnson details several tech stocks that could follow Nvidia's lead and capitalize on artificial intelligence trends.

  • Fortune

    Nvidia’s CEO just gave a graduation speech about the future of work and said that A.I. won’t steal jobs but ‘someone who’s an expert with A.I. will’

    Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang urged businesses and workers to take advantage of A.I. to “supercharge” their performance.

  • Yahoo Finance

    The generative AI hype bubble runs through Nvidia

    Nvidia is the go-to name for AI chips, and powering Wall Street's hype train.

  • Benzinga

    Nvidia Vulnerable To In-House AI Chip Production By Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon

    Despite Nvidia Corp's (NASDAQ: NVDA) AI moat, companies developing their AI models are migrating towards custom chips to curtail costs and tackle compatibility issues and supply crises. Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google is on its fourth iteration of its in-house Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). Meta Platforms, Inc's (NASDAQ: META) inaugural custom AI chip, Meta Training Inference Accelerator (MTIA), will likely go live in 2025. Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT) has also jumped into the

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    Apple Supplier Foxconn Rides the AI Wave, Doubles Down on Server Business Amid ChatGPT Frenzy

    Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd (OTC: HNHPF), operating as Foxconn, forecasts its AI server business to at least double in the second half of this year, taking a cue from Nvidia Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA). The critical Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) supplier expected up to triple-digit growth in AI servers in the second half, Financial Times cites chair Young Liu. Liu said the ChatGPT frenzy and increasing reliance were driving the boost in demand. Foxconn also makes many other electronic products and comp

  • Yahoo Finance

    AI is about to significantly change your computer: HP CEO

    HP Inc. is plotting an AI future as sales of PCs continue to be under pressure.

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    AI競賽|更勝英偉達 「科技女股神」點名3隻AI贏家

    有「科技女股神」之稱的方舟投資(Ark Invest)創辦人Cathie Wood,最近因旗下基金被揭於今年初清倉英偉達(美:NVDA),其決定飽受外界質疑,她周一已為此辯解,表示市場有其他AI贏家。周三(31日),她接受訪問時,終於爆出心水的AI贏家。

  • South China Morning Post

    Nvidia founder Jensen Huang warns about China's resolve to build its own advanced semiconductors

    Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang Jen-hsun said China's ability to catch up in chip technology should not be underrated, as the country pours massive resources into shoring up the sector amid mounting export restrictions by the US and its allies. The world's most valuable chip maker, which has been barred by Washington from selling its most advanced chips to customers in China, must "run very fast" to stay competitive, Huang told reporters at a round table at Computex Taipei, an annual technol

  • Financial Times

    iPhone maker Foxconn follows Nvidia with forecast for AI sales boost

    Apple’s largest manufacturer says demand for servers needed to run ChatGPT-like services will double this year

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    Cathie Wood說,自動駕駛汽車市場可達10萬億美元;其方舟投資又看好Cybertruck能成為Model Y般的主流車款

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    升幅係證明咗,投資者根本唔在意公司AI有冇競爭力,舉個例,最先嘅AI估係微軟,因為覺得ChatGPT+Bing嘅New Bing有力取代Google,真係用落又好似唔係嗰回事,但股價照升。當然佢本身持有OpenAI就係一件寶。

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    美股日誌|英偉達市值破萬億帶動納指 道指偏軟