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Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR)

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18.37-0.52 (-2.75%)
收市價: 4:00PM EDT

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    The Short King
    $NIO conversation
    YouTube pumpers have lost thousands for retail investors this year - Stock Moe on Nio, MeetKevin on $TSLA, Tom Nash on $PLTR and the leprechaun on $WKHS.

    Have you lot not figured out yet that you should be shorting whatever these pumpers are promoting?!
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    Emmy B
    $PLTR conversation
    If you're long on $pltr like me, this volatility is just a sale on a 2030 play
  • C
    $PINS conversation
    $pins $pltr $nio I rebuy back 2 weeks ago . Fml I wished I wait but whatever I’m done with the market. I rather take the loss (still profit) . But I lose all my 2020 and 2021 gain.. whatever

    The market is crazy not worth for my health or sleepless night. Seriously it probably impact on my health than the stock
  • Z
    Palantir Technologies Inc.
    Only annoyed I didn't get some of those $17 stocks.
    In my 12 years of investing, I've learned a thing or two about the true great winning stocks. I can for sure say $PLTR and $NIO ticks of all the right boxes, and is currently one of my biggest holdings that I will continue to buy and hold for the next few years. As boring as it sounds, these times are the best times to buy. People selling at lows to maybe get into Crypto highs, will only risk a double crash of their portfolio. Smart money is buying these lows, cause when the near Crypto bull run is over, and chip problem, inflation, etc is solved, guess where all the big money will be moving? Yes, u guessed right. And that's where you will have been holding and buying at the bottom, and everyone else will be FOMO'ing to get in. Do what you want, I'd recommend to buy and hold. Thank me in a few months.
  • H
    I practically did not open my portfolio for a week as everything was RED! Felt like the bleeding won’t stop😂thank you #Fubo #PLTR
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    Tommy H
    $SNDL conversation
    Holding SNDL for FED rumor, relaxing the schedule 0ne rating for THC. Should jump to $10 bucks on that rumor. Also holding $AMC, $GME, $TSLA, $NIO, $PLTR
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    Rancho Deluxe
    $PLTR conversation
    Yikes. Looks like we may have huge buying opportunities across the board these next couple weeks... $tsla $pltr $spce $hol $NIO $eeenf $ nndm $plnhf
  • S
    $PLTR conversation
    Another 1M shares bought by @CathieDWood 🦸🏻‍♀️

    Conviction is high high.

    $PLTR weights 1.55% of $ARKK and 1.6% of $ARKW
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    Marcos Morffe
    $BNGO conversation
    $BNGO Moved earnings date from June to next week May 13th (Bullish sign, they will beat more than expected, much more...) , Also Blackrock bought 3.5 Million shares of $BNGO, other institutions and whales have been buying as well. Guys if you haven't already bought, load up! This will go parabolic! 🚀 Let's go. BTW when you buy in red, specially these companies with great potential like $PLTR , $GEVO, or ETF´s like $ARKG $ARKF or $ARKF IN RED AND WHEN THEY ARE SO CHEAP IS WHEN YOU WILL WIN, YOU DONT BUY AT THE TOP AND SELL AT THE BOTTOM? RIGHT, YOU DONT BUY AT THE TOP OF THE BOLLINGER BANDS WITH RSI 80, NOPE... YOU BUY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOLLINGER WITH RSI 30, WE ARE OVER SOLD and we $BNGO "confirmed a small double bottom formation that’s undercut the stock’s March low. With the corrective pattern also centered at the 62% retracement level and sporting a bullish stochastics divergence on the cusp of crossing over. ITS A BUY 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 mark my words... Just watch...
  • d
    $PLTR conversation
    Financial institutions / TV programs calling $PLTR as risky now at $20,
    will recommend after 2-3 months at $30 with $50 as target.
  • T
    $PLTR is racking up contract after million dollar contract...☑️ i just love how Cathy and other institutions are continuously building positions on a grand scale. Our time is soon coming.
  • R
    Palantir Technologies Inc.
    $fubo will also accept crypto for sports betting in their app and on your connected tv. watch as this plays out just as $pltr
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    The Dude
    $PLTR squeeze incoming, make some money on this red day!!

  • s
    $PLTR conversation
    Target Lowered by RBC Capital Sector Perform USD 27 » USD 20
    Target Lowered by Wolfe Research Market Perform USD 23 » USD 20
    Target Lowered by Jefferies Buy USD 40 » USD 28
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    $PLTR conversation
    $PLTR on Tuesday
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    Money Maker
    $COIN conversation
    Anything Cathie touches dies like this $tsla, $pltr, coin, $sq, $etc.....are dying slow bleeding ....omg
  • j
    jay d-man
    $SKLZ conversation
    To $58 in 1 year.

    SKLZ to the moon

    $cpe $sens $bngo $nndm $pltr
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    Palantir to now start accepting bitcoin as payments. $PLTR $BTC
  • M
    $PLTR conversation
    Relax $PLTR is a long play
  • M
    $PLTR conversation
    Palantir Weeklies u/Palantir_news 🔮

    April 18th

    - $PLTR Institutional holding shows increase of +147% quarter over quarter. [0][2]

    April 17th

    - FDIC updated their “RPP” web page: “Upon final prototype demonstration,

    the FDIC will make a determination about whether any of the prototypes

    demonstrate significant value to the FDIC and should be selected

    for production contract negotiation.” [1]

    April 16th

    - 4 institutions disclosed their increased $PLTR position via 13/F filing [2]

    - Samantha Batey - Deployment Strategist u/Palantir, spoke about

    financial crimes identification with technology on IBM RegTech Virtual

    Summit (11:30am - 12:00pm).Palantir IBM cloud pack was also mentioned. [3]

    April 15th

    - 8 institutions disclosed their increased $PLTR position via 13/F filing. [2]

    - Goldman Sachs disclosed their analyses of $PLTR, and rates $PLTR a

    BUY with a $34 12-month price target. [4]

    - Shyam Sankar; Taylor Ryan D.; Karp; Long Matthew A,; Cohen

    received 1213 shares. Glazer David A. received 995 shares;

    Buckley Jeffrey received 142 shares. [5]

    - Shyam Sankar disclosed a 10b5-1 pre-planned sell executed on 2/19/21’. [5]

    - BUZZ ETF added $PLTR to their portfolio. [6]

    April 14th

    - Clarifai an AI company specialises in managing unstructured image,

    video and text data announced partnership with Palantir for

    TITAN project. [7]

    - 16 institutions disclosed their increased $PLTR position via 13/F filing [2]

    - Palantir updated their supply chain risk management web page, with

    a short video highlighting how. [8]

    - Palantir Double Click Demo Day. [9]

    - Jim Crammer calls Palantir a “Black Box”, ironically on the same day as

    Palantir Double Click showcasing examples of Palantir’s work. [10]

    April 13th

    - News from United Airlines disclosed Palantir’s participation in the

    “Eco-Skies Alliance”, other notable partners Nike and Siemens AG

    to fund sustainable aviation fuel use. [11]

    - Taylor Ryan D’s scheduled10b5-1 plan executed, sold shares. [5]

    - Morgan Stanley disclosed a Contingent Income Auto-Callable Securities

    due October 18, 2022.[12]

    April 12th

    - 13 institutions disclosed their increased $PLTR position via 13/F filing. [2]