PNC - The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

NYSE - NYSE 延遲價格。貨幣為 USD。
-3.02 (-2.54%)
收市:04:00PM EDT
116.50 +0.67 (+0.58%)
收市後: 07:58PM EDT
買盤0.00 x 1100
賣出價0.00 x 900
今日波幅114.17 - 118.37
52 週波幅110.31 - 176.34
Beta 值 (5 年,每月)1.10
市盈率 (最近 12 個月)7.94
每股盈利 (最近 12 個月)14.59
遠期股息及收益率6.00 (5.05%)
1 年預測目標價142.82
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    PNC Financial Services Group, Inc (NYSE: PNC) reported a Q1 revenues increase of 19% Y/Y to $5.60 billion, marginally missing the consensus of $5.61 billion. Net interest income rose 28% Y/Y to $3.6 billion, led by higher interest-earning asset yields and balances. Noninterest income was up 7% Y/Y to $2.0 billion on higher private equity revenue and business growth across the franchise. Net interest margin came in at 2.84%, up 56 basis points. Deposits at Mar. 31, 2023, were $436.8 billion, up $

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    You may think dividend-paying bank stocks are in trouble, or at least their dividends are given the current climate. The banking crisis that began with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank continues, leaving what look like bargains but could be yield traps. The easiest way to seek safety is to look at the dividend-paying bank stocks from banks that deposited $30 billion into First Republic (NYSE:FRC) on March 16. These are the “too big to fail” banks the government backed in 2008. In the current

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