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    Block’s Bleak Forecast: Why Another SQ Stock Tumble Is Looming

    Over the past eighteen months, shares in Cash App and Square parent Block (NYSE:SQ) have fallen in price by around 75%. With this, many investors may believe that the worst is already priced-in with SQ stock. But while Block’s valuation is a lot more reasonable today than it was in late 2021, don’t assume that it has become a bargain. As I have argued previously, it’s possible that the market is too confident in the fintech firm’s growth prospects. This is because of growing odds of a severe eco

  • InvestorPlace

    SQ Stock Warning: Why a Closer Look at Block’s Q1 Earnings Is Alarming

    Not long ago, we warned that Block (NYSE:SQ) would release its earnings soon and that investors shouldn’t be too eager to buy SQ stock regardless of the outcome. As you might expect, Block’s management attempted to put a positive spin on the company’s financial results. Yet, cautious traders should take a closer look and form their own conclusions. In the final analysis, Block still has issues that should make prospective investors think twice. Three months ago, the Square and CashApp owner repo

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    3 Crypto Stocks to Buy Before Bitcoin Hits $100,000

    Last month, Standard Chartered released a report that Bitcoin (BTC-USD) can hit $100,000 by the end of 2024. The target seems steep, but cryptocurrencies have a history of skyrocketing in the blink of an eye. Standard Chartered cites stress in the traditional banking system as one of the catalysts for a Bitcoin rally. I believe that a dovish stance by the Federal Reserve in the second half of 2023 will also contribute to the rally. Additionally, Bitcoin halving is due in 2024. Going by past inst

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    The 3 Best Ways to Buy Long-Term Growth Right Now

    Successful long-term growth investing requires careful consideration and planning. A strategy is crucial when investing, rather than simply putting money into the stock market and relying on chance. During the start of 2023, we saw a mini-stock market rally. It certainly was a welcome change to 2022. You can thank the Fed for easing up on interest rate hikes and the general robustness of the job market for these trends. Economists predicted a recession in their 2023 forecasts. Nevertheless, we h

  • InvestorPlace

    Fintech Revolution: The 3 Best Mobile Banking Stocks to Buy

    Financial technology companies, or fintech, are firms that apply technology to banking and finance. Think mobile banking stocks, payment apps and digital money transfers. Nearly half of Americans said they had used a mobile wallet in the past three months, according to a recent survey by J.D. Power. As consumers migrate more and more of their lives online, the fintech revolution rages on. Even traditional banks that have networks of retail branches are moving more of their services into the digi

  • InvestorPlace

    The Other Big Risk With Block Stock Few Are Talking About

    Block (NYSE:SQ), parent company of online payment processor Square, has been the subject of many headlines in recent weeks, and not for the best of reasons. Accusations from a prominent short-seller (Hindenburg Research), while not necessarily proven, have attracted a lot of attention and placed pressure on SQ stock. However, if you believe that these allegations (which have mainly to do with compliance measures at the company’s CashApp division) are the only big risk, think otherwise. There are

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    美股日誌|銀行蘋果急升 道指揚近550點


  • InvestorPlace

    SQ Outlook: Time to Abandon Block Stock or Buy It on Weakness?

    Block (NYSE:SQ), formerly known as Square, has multiple weaknesses and is facing a few very tough threats. Among the firm’s weaknesses are steep competition and potential share losses due to the growth of e-commerce. And on the threats front, the company is vulnerable to a likely collapse of the crypto sector and a regulatory crackdown on Square’s Cash App. And, despite all of these points, the valuation of SQ stock is not especially attractive, even though it has tumbled nearly 30% in the last

  • InvestorPlace

    Block Stock Blues: Why I Won’t Be Buying the SQ Dip

    Block (NYSE:SQ), the payment processor formally known as Square, is down 7% on the year while shares in other payment processors, like Visa (NYSE:V), are up. Most of the damage was done by a March 24 report from short seller Hindenburg Research. The report claimed 40%-75% of Block’s users were fake, involved in fraud, or were multiple accounts tied to a single individual. The “underbanked” users it is serving, the report said, are mainly criminals. The company’s response satisfied some analysts.

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    Buy SQ Stock? Why You Should Invest $100 in Block Now.

    Did you ever imagine that Block (NYSE:SQ) would enter into the Bitcoin (BTC-USD)-mining hardware business? It seems that anything is possible in 2023. Block isn’t afraid to take chances, and while SQ stock is risky, a $100 stake could yield impressive returns. Many people know about Block because of the company’s Square payments app. Notably, Block is adding nearly 100 new features to Square. Plus, Square recently launched its Tap to Pay software on Android for sellers in the U.K. Yet, Square’s

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    著名激進投資者伊坎的Icahn Enterprises(IEP)成為沽空目標,對他的批評正是他本人經常批評別人的管理不善,令公司股價跌至三年低位。 在沽空投資機構Hindenburg發布該報告後,Icahn Enterprises的股價大跌最多27%,收市跌近兩成。

  • InvestorPlace

    Even if Block Beats on Earnings, Stay Away From SQ Stock

    Between macro uncertainty and this year’s banking crisis, it’s no surprise that fintech stocks like Block (NYSE:SQ), after performing poorly in 2022, have continued to underperform thus far in 2023. Despite this, some may be confident that a boost for SQ stock is just around the corner. That is, the company, which owns digital financial platforms such as Square and CashApp, is just about to report its earnings for the preceding quarter. While the jury is out whether Block is more likely to beat

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    7 Blockchain Stocks to Buy for Disruptive Growth Potential

    Diving headfirst cryptocurrency realm can feel like a rollercoaster ride, but wagering on the best blockchain stocks presents a smoother path to capitalize on this technology. Investors can find a more predictable and secure path in the digital finance sphere. By focusing on companies leveraging blockchain’s potential rather than betting on the dwindling crypto market sentiment. Instead of pure crypto investing, choosing blockchain stocks to buy offers many advantages. For starters, it bypasses

  • InvestorPlace

    SQ Alert: Why Block Stock Is a No-Brainer Pre-Earnings Buy

    In just a matter of days, an earnings event is very likely to jolt Block (NYSE:SQ) stock higher. The time to consider an investment in Block is right now as the company continues to grow and innovate, and is bound to overcome Wall Street’s low expectations. Block is known for pioneering Square, Cash App and other point-of-sale platforms. Plus, Block is cryptocurrency-friendly. For instance, the company is partnering with African crypto exchange Yellow Card to “facilitate cross-border payments be

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    3 Stocks to Buy Before They Become the Biggest Names in Crypto

    Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has surprised many investors with a rally increasing its price over 64% this year-to-date (YTD). Without a doubt, many investors missed the swift rally. However, if the crypto winter is coming to an end, there are more big opportunities ahead. A good way to gain exposure to the crypto industry without diving head first into the unregulated digital currency landscape is to consider some attractive crypto stocks to buy. If the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow there will

  • InvestorPlace

    The Most Innovative 3 Tech Stocks to Watch in 2023

    The words innovative and tech stocks go hand-in-hand. Throughout the modern era leading organizations have consistently invested the newest machines and gadgets that have revolutionized our lives. Consider the TV, the automobile, the computer, and the cell phone. Those innovations have strong associations with companies and their stocks. Every year incremental and breakthrough innovation occurs. The process never stops and 2023 is no different. Generative AI looks to be a breakthrough innovation

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    3 Blockchain Stocks That Could Disrupt Multiple Industries

    Gradually, then suddenly. That’s what it will probably feel like when blockchain technology disrupts multiple industries. All at once, many consumers will realize what the big deal of blockchain is all about. So now is the time to look for disruptive blockchain stocks for your portfolio. Many investors understand blockchain as the technology that underpins cryptocurrency. However, it’s much more than that. The implications of blockchain will permeate multiple industries, such as supply chain man

  • WSJ

    The Tech That Powers Tap-to-Pay

    Tap-to-pay is growing in the U.S., thanks in part to its security and ease of use. But it’s more complicated than it looks. WSJ takes you inside one of Square’s card readers to break down the tech that powers contactless payments. Photo illustration: Xingpei Shen

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    7 Top Growth Stocks to Buy for the Next Decade

    A the market returns it’s time to look for the best growth stocks to buy. successful investing strategy partially requires an ability to predict the future. After all, the best growth companies will emerge from trends taking root today. Investors who correctly identify the top growth stocks to buy for the next decade will be the same people who can accurately identify today’s trends. Taking advantage of that growth then is probably open to those who invest in a few key areas. Currently, AI has c

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    Get Out Now. 3 Stocks That Are Poised to Plunge.

    There are winners and losers in every type of market. While the share prices of some companies soar, others plunge. This can be due to a number of factors, ranging from earnings misses and weak forward guidance to fraud, mismanagement, bankruptcy and public criticism. Whatever the reason, there are many stocks that investors should avoid at all costs. Even many once-dominant companies whose stocks were rock stars years ago may have now fallen on hard times, requiring investors to sell them to st

  • Fortune

    Block partners with African crypto exchange Yellow Card

    The maker of Cash App continues to double down on its investments in payment infrastructure outside the U.S.

  • Yahoo Finance

    CFPB director Chopra says FSOC must 'seriously consider' big tech oversight

    After the collapse of one of the tech world's favorite financial institutions, a top regulator suggests big tech firms themselves could be subject to the kind of oversight financial institutions face.

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) Stocks Sitting in the Sweet Spot

    Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) stocks represent a growing form of commerce. Essentially, BNPL companies allow consumers to pay in chunks, rather than lump sums, for large purchases. By providing installment payments and loans, the idea is that more value can be created from a single transaction than was previously thought. For these companies, it’s been lucrative business. Consumerfinance.gov describes BNPL: “Buy Now, Pay Later is a form of interest-free credit that allows a consumer to fully purchase

  • Insider Monkey

    11 Best Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy According To Hedge Funds

    In this article, we discuss 11 best cryptocurrency stocks to buy according to hedge funds. If you want to see more stocks in this selection, check out 5 Best Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy According To Hedge Funds. The world of cryptocurrency is familiar with unpredictability. Previously, we reported that in May 2021, the value of […]

  • Yahoo Finance

    Wall Street reacts to Hindenburg's report on Block: 'We find it highly unlikely'

    Wall Street is not so sure about a new short call on Block.