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  • Yahoo Finance Video

    U.S. could pass stablecoin legislation in a few days, says Rep. Maxine Waters

    Market turmoil resulting from Silicon Valley Bank's collapse briefly caused Circle's USDC (USDC-USD) stablecoin to break its peg to the dollar. In response, the stablecoin issuer's management team has called upon the U.S. congress to urgently pass stablecoin legislation. In an interview with Yahoo Finance's Jennifer Schonberger, House Committee on Financial Services Chair Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), says the legislation could be passed in just a few days, hinting that the delay was due to concerns over which political party would be in control of the House of Representatives."The only thing that interfered, I think, with its passage was the anticipation that the house was going to change and it was going to be in the hands of the Republicans and they should take charge rather than those of us on the Democratic side," said Ranking Member Waters. Rep. Waters declined to give a timetable for the legislation, though she did reaffirm that she and Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), are focused on stablecoin legislation and have bipartisan support to get it done. Key video Moments: 00:01:00 Bank stock sales and management bonuses 00:03:30 Republican bank deregulation 00:07:30 Stablecoin legislation Watch our full conversation with Rep. Maxine Waters here.

  • Yahoo Finance

    IMF sees stablecoins posing biggest risk to crypto markets — 'There are others that could fail'

    The IMF is keeping a close eye on risks to financial markets from continued turmoil in stablecoins and the crypto markets at large.

  • Yahoo Finance

    Uber data case, Voyager bankruptcy, and Musk's tweets: 3 legal stories to watch

    Yahoo Finance is watching the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency platform Voyager Digital; the continued fallout from Tesla CEO Elon Musk's 2018 tweet; and a milestone Uber reached.

  • InvestorPlace

    7 Cryptos to Watch As Digital Assets Trudge Forward

    After the equities market suffered a rough session to start the business week of July 11, those investors tied to the cryptocurrency sector have some tough choices ahead. Throughout the first half of this year, cryptos have not demonstrated the positive disassociation from the stock market that many proponents have talked about. Instead, as Wall Street faded, so too have digital assets, setting a worrying course ahead. Recently, Fortune described how virtual currency stakeholders fear that the u

  • InvestorPlace

    7 Cryptos on Red Alert As the Bear Market May Be Upon Us

    With an avalanche of economic and equities market headwinds upon us, cryptos face the classic good-news, bad-news dilemma. However, armed with clear market data — provided by — blockchain investors can approach the segment with an appropriate battleplan. Above all, it’s important not to give too much credence to social media forums as you want to trade virtual currencies on facts, not emotionalized fiction. First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Throughout most of this yea

  • Yahoo Finance

    Yahoo U: What are stablecoins?

    Currently 2 out of the top 5 cryptocurrencies are stable coins, which further illustrates the critical role that the class of token plays in cryptocurrency utilization and transactions.

  • Yahoo Finance

    Ethereum closes in on 'merge' that may boost the crypto's value

    Ethereum is one step closer to its long-awaited software upgrade after its “dress rehearsal” merge successfully completed on Wednesday.

  • Yahoo Finance

    Crypto industry lauds new bill to regulate digital assets

    The crypto industry was supportive of the new bipartisan legislation introduced this week to regulate crypto.

  • InvestorPlace

    The 3 Best Cryptos to Buy Now for June 2022

    There is a saying that one shouldn’t stay invested in the stock market if they are unable to handle a decline of 20% or more. That said, crypto investors have had to be much more risk-tolerant than equity investors for some time. This market is a highly volatile one, more akin to a roller coaster, with even the best cryptos to buy seeing incredible declines during this recent bear market. It’s clear this market is one that’s unlikely to even out any time soon. Price action for most major cryptos