Join us for the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Asia 2021, taking place for the first time in Hong Kong this year. This international summit brings together some of the world’s premier business leaders and standout speakers on the subjects of investing, technology and online services. With this inaugural launch of All Markets Summit Asia, Yahoo Finance sets its sights on navigating business recovery in the post-pandemic era. Speakers will examine the new dynamics at work in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging world, and offer guidance to a bold new path forward.

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Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Asia 2021今年將首度在港舉行,今次峰會將雲集眾多世界一流企業領袖,以及來自投資、科技和網上服務界別的出色講者。藉著這次機會,Yahoo財經將探討在後疫情時代,企業如何邁向復甦。面對日新月異及充滿挑戰的世界,講者更會探討今天的工作新常態,並提供踏上光明前路的新方向。


  • Allan Zeman 盛智文

    Allan Zeman 盛智文

    Lan Kwai Fong Group Chairman|蘭桂坊集團主席

    Dr. Allan Zeman, GBM, GBS, JP, is the founder and Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Group, a major property owner and developer in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong Area. He serves on the board of various renowned public listed companies in Hong Kong. Having lived in Hong Kong for over 50 years, Dr. Zeman has been very involved in government services. He is an advisor to the Chief Executive’s Council on Innovation and Strategic Development, a Justice of the Peace and was awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star in 2004 and the Grand Bauhinia Medal in 2011. |盛智文博士,GBM,GBS,JP,蘭桂坊集團創辦人兼主席,是蘭桂坊的主要業主及發展商。他在香港生活逾50年,在香港多家知名上市公司董事會任職,同時積極參與政府公職,是行政長官創新及策略發展顧問團成員和太平紳士,曾分別於2004年及2011年獲頒金紫荊星章及大紫荊勳章。

  • Bernard Charnwut Chan 陳智思

    Bernard Charnwut Chan 陳智思

    Convenor of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council, HKSAR|香港特別行政區行政會議非官守議員召集人

    The Honourable Bernard Charnwut CHAN is the Convenor of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council of HKSAR, President of Asia Financial Holdings Ltd., Chairman of Asia Insurance Co. Ltd., Chairperson of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Chairman of Hong Kong Palace Museum Ltd. He is also a Hong Kong Deputy to the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China. He was awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star in 2006 and the Grand Bauhinia Medal in 2020. |陳智思議員現為香港行政會議非官守議員召集人、亞洲金融集團總裁、亞洲保險主席、香港社會服務聯會主席及香港故宮文化博物館主席。他亦是香港地區全國人民代表大會代表。他於2006年獲授金紫荊星章,並於2020年獲授大紫荊勳章。

  • Christian Hogg 賀雋

    Christian Hogg 賀雋

    HUTCHMED Executive Director & CEO|和黃醫藥首席執行官兼執行董事

    Christian Hogg has been the CEO and Executive Director of HUTCHMED since 2006. He joined the business in 2000, as its first employee, and has since led the creation and management of its strategy, business and listings. This includes the establishment of the Oncology/Immunology operations, which now comprise 11 drug candidates that are in clinical studies globally and a scientific team of over 740 people. Prior to joining the Company, he spent ten years with P&G in the U.S., China and Brussels. |賀雋先生自2006年起擔任和黃醫藥首席執行官兼執行董事。他於2000年加入和黃醫藥成為其首名僱員,並自此領導制定及管理集團的策略、業務及上市工作,當中包括建立集團的腫瘤/免疫業務,目前擁有逾740人的科研團隊在世界各地臨床研究11種候選藥物。 於加入和黃醫藥前,他於寶潔任職十年,先後負責美國、中國及布魯塞爾業務。

  • Daniel Tsai Ming Chung 蔡明忠

    Daniel Tsai Ming Chung 蔡明忠

    Fubon Group Chairman |富邦集團董事長

    Daniel Tsai is currently the Chairman of the Fubon Group. He is also Chairman of Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. He has extensive experience in banking and telecommunication services, as well as land development, construction management and building leasing business. |蔡明忠現時為富邦集團、台灣大哥大股份有限公司及台灣固網股份有限公司之董事長。他於銀行、電訊服務、土地發展、建築管理及樓宇租賃業務方面具有豐富的經驗。

  • Jane Fraser

    Jane Fraser

    Citigroup CEO |花旗集團行政總裁

    Jane Fraser is the Chief Executive Officer of Citi. Before becoming CEO in February 2021, she was President of Citi and CEO of the Global Consumer Bank, responsible for all of Citi’s Consumer businesses, including Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Credit Cards, Mortgage and Operations and Technology in 19 markets. |Jane Fraser是花旗集團行政總裁。她在2021年2月出任花旗集團行政總裁前,她曾任花旗集團國際零售銀行業務行政總裁,負責19個市場的零售銀行、財富管理、信用卡、按揭、營運及科技等範疇業務。

  • Michael Chan 陳鯤宇

    Michael Chan 陳鯤宇

    Bowtie Life Insurance Company Co-Founder and Co-CEO| 保泰人壽聯合創辦人及聯合行政總裁

    Michael Chan is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bowtie Life Insurance Company, a mission-driven life and health insurer in Hong Kong. Michael is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA), a member of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong (ASHK) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional. |陳鯤宇先生是保泰人壽(Bowtie)的聯合創辦人及聯合行政總裁。陳先生現同時為北美精算師協會(FSA)成員、香港精算學會(ASHK)成員及註冊財務策劃顧問(CFP)。

  • Patrick Gelsinger

    Patrick Gelsinger

    Intel Corporation CEO |英特爾行政總裁

    Patrick Gelsinger is chief executive officer of Intel Corporation. He began his career in 1979 at Intel. He managed the creation of key industry technologies such as USB and Wi-Fi. Before rejoining Intel on Feb. 15, 2021, he was CEO of VMware. In that role, he transformed VMware into a recognized global leader in cloud infrastructure, enterprise mobility and cyber security. |Patrick Gelsinger為Intel行政總裁。他於1979年在Intel開展個人事業,由他管理的團隊曾開發多項重要科技如USB及Wi-Fi。在2021年2月15日重返Intel前,他曾任VMware行政總裁,任內他帶領VMware轉型為雲端建設、企業行動管理及網誌安全領域的市場領導者。

  • Simon Loong 龍沛智

    Simon Loong 龍沛智

    WeLab Founder and Group CEO| WeLab 創辦人兼集團行政總裁

    Simon Loong is the Founder and Group CEO of WeLab, a leading fintech company and one of the most important digital native brands in financial services in Asia with close to 50 million individual users and over 700 enterprise customers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Indonesia. He is a pioneer in driving fintech development and financial inclusion in Asia.|龍沛智先生是亞洲領先的金融科技集團 WeLab 的創辦人兼集團行政總裁。WeLab 是亞洲區內提供金融科技服務中最重要的品牌之一,在香港、中國內地和印尼市場擁有近5,000萬位用戶以及超過 700間企業客戶。

  • Alvin Wang Graylin 汪叢青

    Alvin Wang Graylin 汪叢青

    HTC China President |HTC中國區總裁

    Alvin Wang Graylin is the China President at HTC, leading all aspects of HTC’s business in the region (Vive/VR, phone, Viveport content platform, partnerships and investments) and the company’s SW business globally. He has over 28 years of business management experience in the tech industry, including 20 years in Greater China.|汪叢青是HTC中國區總裁,全面領導Vive/VR(、智能手機、Viveport內容商店、合作投資等中國區業務,以及全球範圍內的軟體業務。他擁有近28年的科技領域管理經驗,其中20年是在大中華地區。

  • Steve Zhao

    Steve Zhao

    Sandbox VR Founder & CEO |Sandbox VR 創辦人兼行政總裁

    Founder of Sandbox VR with nearly two decades of entertainment experience. Previously founder and CEO of Blue Tea Games, developer of some of the best selling casual game franchises. Steve Zhao是Sandbox VR的創辦人及行政總裁。他在娛樂體驗領域擁有近二十年工作經驗。創立Sandbox VR之前,他是Blue Tea Games的創辦人及行政總裁,Blue Tea Games曾開發多款暢銷休閒遊戲。

  • Magnus Ekbom

    Magnus Ekbom

    Lazada Group CSO|Lazada集團首席戰略官

    Magnus Ekbom is part of Lazada Group’s founding team and is the Chief Strategy Officer. He is responsible for the Group’s long-term strategy development as the Southeast Asia flagship platform of Alibaba Group. He was appointed Acting Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Malaysia in 2021 in addition to his existing responsibilities. Prior to co-founding Lazada, he was working for the investment group Kinnevik and later Rocket Internet.

 |Magnus Ekbom是Lazada集團創辦團隊成員及集團首席戰略官,負責制定集團長遠發展策略,他於2021年獲委任為集團署理行政總裁。創辦Lazada集團前,Magnus Ekbom曾在Kinnevik及火箭網等投資集圂工作。

  • Vincent Fan 范俊彥

    Vincent Fan 范俊彥

    Zeek Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer| Zeek 聯合創辦人及策略總監

    Vincent Fan currently holds the positions of Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Zeek, responsible for the business strategy, market and product positioning, and operations management. | 范俊彥為Zeek聯合創辦人及策略總監,負責業務策略、市場及產品定位和營運優化。他於香港中文大學先後獲得系統工程與工程管理學士、電子商貿管理碩士及工商管理碩士,並曾在該校兼任講師。

  • Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁

    Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁

    Naffiti Co-founder, Award-winning singer-songwriter/producer/actor, 1st Chinese music NFT |Naffiti 聯合創辦人、得獎監製暨創作歌手、華語音樂NFT全球第一人

    Hanjin is an award-winning singer-songwriter, music producer and the world’s first artist to release a Chinese music NFT. On top of his music career, Hanjin also won a Hong Kong Film Award for his movie debut role in Bruce Lee, My Brother in 2011. He has also starred in numerous hit TV series. Hanjin co-founded Naffiti in 2021. |陳奐仁是亞洲少數樣樣皆能樣樣皆精的藝人,他也是全球第一位推出華語音樂NFT的藝術家。作為歌手,至今已推出了10張大碟和5張EP。他亦是獲獎無數的唱片製作人及作曲家,帶領潮流的編曲者及混音師。作為演員,他更是香港電影金像獎得主。陳奐仁於2021年共同創辦了Naffiti。


  • Andy Serwer

    Andy Serwer

    Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief |Yahoo財經總編輯

    Andy Serwer is the editor in chief for Yahoo Finance, where he oversees all editorial content from breaking news to in-depth stories to original video programming. He was previously the managing editor of Fortune and worked at Time Inc. for 29 years. He has been a regular guest on MSNBC’S Morning Joe and CNBC’s Squawkbox and many other TV and radio programs.| Andy Serwer為Yahoo財經總編輯,他負責監製財經編採內容,由深度專題到原創影片節目。加入Yahoo前,他曾任《Fortune》執行總編輯,以及在Time Inc工作長達29年。他並在MSNBC《Morning Joe》及CNBC《Squawkbox》等多個電視及電台節目擔任嘉賓主持。

  • Richard Lai

    Richard Lai

    Engadget Chinese Editor-in-Chief|Engadget 中文版總編輯

    Richard Lai is the Editor-in-Chief of Engadget Chinese and has been with the global team for over 12 years, specializing in smartphones, wearables, VR, drones, smart home devices and more. Richard is also a judge for GSMA's Global Mobile Awards, James Dyson Awards and Computex d&i Awards, and he has hosted stage interviews at TechCrunch events as well as RISE.|Richard Lai為Engadget 中文版總編輯。他加入Engadget國際團隊逾12年,專注於智能手機、穿載裝置、VR、無人機、智能家居等各項科技產業。他並擔任GSMA的Global Mobile Awards、James Dyson Awards及Computex d&i Awards等國際獎項評審,他在多項焦點活主持訪談環節,包括TechCrunch、RISE等。

  • Isabel Wong

    Isabel Wong

    Business Journalist | 資深財經記者

    Isabel Wong is a TV presenter and business journalist who has extensive experience interviewing international business leaders and policy makers. She was the lead anchor of Hong Kong International Business Channel, a free-to-air English news channel operated by i-Cable News, and launched its weekly flagship financial programme 'All About Money' as the show host and producer. Isabel has also worked at Bloomberg TV, and her works are featured on Travel Channel, Asia Tatler, RTHK, Young Post and more. |Isabel Wong為電視主播及財經記者,她在訪問國際商業領袖及政策制定者方面擁有豐富經驗。她現時擔任由有線新聞營運的免費頻道香港國際財經台主播,並負責監製及主持每週旗艦節目《All About Money》。Isabel Wong曾在Bloomberg TV工作,她參與節目曾在香港電台、Travel Channel、Asia Taler及Young Post等平台播放。