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    3 Good Reasons to Buy Glasses and Contacts at Costco

    The popular warehouse club famous for pallets of bulk buys also wants to sell you glasses and contacts. Here's why you should take a look.

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    Costco Tells Americans the Truth About Inflation and Price Increases

    The warehouse club has seen some troubling trends but it's also trumpeting something positive that most retailers wouldn't share.

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    7 Ways to Make a Costco Membership Work for 2 People

    Costco sells items in bulk, which may not seem like a good deal for two people. Learn how Costco can save a family of two a lot of money.

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    Lowe's Stock: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

    Investors were worried heading into the Q1 earnings update from Lowe's (NYSE: LOW). Lowe's followed its larger peer in reducing its fiscal-year outlook on both the top and bottom lines. Lowe's said its business was hit by the same three challenges that featured prominently in Home Depot's mid-May announcement.

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    ChatGPT Stock Portfolio: Top 10 Picks

    In this article, we will take a look at ChatGPT stock portfolio. To see more such companies, go directly to ChatGPT Stock Portfolio: Top 5 Picks. If there’s one thing that can be learned from literally hundreds of ChatGPT-related posts out there claiming that the AI chatbot has successfully beaten the market, it’s that ChatGPT’s […]

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    8 Items To Stop Buying at Grocery Stores If You Want To Save Money

    Everyone has to go to the grocery store. Some of us do it on a weekly basis to pick up all the essential food items for our family's meal in the coming week. Some of us do it sporadically, only when...

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    Costco Is Growing Where It Matters Most

    Investors should look beyond the membership-based wholesale retailer's reported net sales and earnings per share.

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    2 Dividend Stocks to Buy Before They Rally

    Investors like dividend stocks because they deliver cash flow that can be accepted as immediate income today, or that can be reinvested to amplify long-term returns. The hard part is finding a dividend stock that's got much more going for it than just its yield. PepsiCo has a well-established business in a mature market, but it is still growing sales at a double-digit rate.

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    Can Verizon Communications Inc.'s (NYSE:VZ) ROE Continue To Surpass The Industry Average?

    Many investors are still learning about the various metrics that can be useful when analysing a stock. This article is...

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    Those who invested in Lowe's Companies (NYSE:LOW) five years ago are up 136%

    When you buy a stock there is always a possibility that it could drop 100%. But on a lighter note, a good company can...

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    This Major Retailer Just Cut Its Outlook. Is the Stock Worth Buying Anyway?

    During its fiscal 2023 first quarter (ended May 5), Lowe's (NYSE: LOW) generated revenue of $22.3 billion (down 6% year over year) and adjusted diluted earnings per share of $3.67 (up 5%). While these results were a bit of a mixed bag, they exceeded Wall Street estimates. Many retailers, including Lowe's, are faced with an uncertain economic backdrop.

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    5 Amazing Costco Items You Won't Find at Other Stores

    If you're on a tight budget, shopping at a warehouse club like Costco could help you save money. Here are some Costco finds you can't buy elsewhere.

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    5 Traps to Avoid When Shopping at Costco

    Smart shopping at Costco can save a lot of money, but there are traps that could keep you from making the most of your membership. Read about them here.

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    The Single Best Thing To Buy at Costco This May

    As the temperature starts to rise and we enter the month of lovely month of May, shoppers are flocking to Costco in search of the best deals and products for the summer season. With so many options...

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    7 Luxury Goods That Are Cheaper at Costco

    Costco is your No. 1 stop when it comes to buying in bulk and getting a great price on your total bill. Whether you are doing your weekly grocery shopping for the home, stocking up for a party or just...

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    Walmart's Grocery Success and Other Retail News

    Taco Bell fighting to free the phrase "Taco Tuesday" from its current trademark holder. Plus, Scott Phillips, chief investment officer at Motley Fool Australia, shares the current state of play for investors Down Under, Australian stocks to watch, and predictions for this year's Rugby World Cup. To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool's free podcasts, check out our podcast center.

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    3 Amazing Dividend Stocks That Should Pay You Forever

    If you're looking for some extra income for your portfolio, you might want to consider buying shares of leading brands in their respective markets that have a record of growing their dividend payments. Companies that consistently grow their dividend usually possess profitable business models and a competitive advantage -- a key factor in determining a company's long-term success. Let's see why Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX), Williams-Sonoma (NYSE: WSM), and Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: COST) made the cut of three Motley Fool contributors' dividend stock buy lists.

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    3 Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Costco Membership

    A basic Costco membership is apt to suffice for many people. But read on to see when it might pay to upgrade to an executive membership.

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    7 Amazing Costco Buys for Under $20

    Many of the best deals at Costco are from its Kirkland Signature house brand. Here are a few great examples.

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    Costco CFO talks eggs, nuts and meat inflation

    Costco CFO Richard Galanti on Thursday offered some observations on inflationary pressures, saying they continue to "abate somewhat" for the retailer.

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    The Procter & Gamble Company's (NYSE:PG) US$18b market value fall may be overlooked by institutional investors after a year of 0.3% returns

    Key Insights Given the large stake in the stock by institutions, Procter & Gamble's stock price might be vulnerable to...

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    3 Good Reasons to Buy a Smartphone at Costco

    Costco's smartphone prices are competitive, but that's not the only reason you should buy one here. Learn why it's a good idea to buy a smartphone at Costco.

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    A Pending Restaurant IPO and AI Buzz

    Mediterranean restaurant chain Cava has filed to go public later this year. Will investors be as satisfied as Cava's customers?

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    Did Tesla Just Give Away Its Biggest Competitive Advantage?

    The Nasdaq Composite (NASDAQINDEX: ^IXIC) and S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^GSPC) finished at their best levels of the year, although the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI) remains well off its 2023 highs as tech stocks once again took center stage. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) made a big deal with automaker rival Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), and while the advantages for Ford customers are obvious, it's not entirely clear whether the gains that Tesla will reap from the arrangement will outweigh the potential loss of goodwill from its notoriously loyal customers. Ford and Tesla announced that Ford's electric vehicle customers will get access to the Tesla Supercharger network beginning in early 2024.