9618.HK - 京東集團-SW

HKSE - HKSE 延遲價格。貨幣為 HKD。
+0.500 (+0.35%)
收市:04:08PM HKT
買盤144.700 x 無
賣出價144.800 x 無
今日波幅142.900 - 145.400
52 週波幅122.700 - 275.200
Beta 值 (5 年,每月)0.44
市盈率 (最近 12 個月)21.41
每股盈利 (最近 12 個月)6.760
業績公佈日2023年8月21日 - 2023年8月25日
遠期股息及收益率2.43 (1.72%)
1 年預測目標價228.75
  • South China Morning Post

    JD.com's new strategy to woo cash-strapped Chinese shoppers: smaller retailers, cheaper products

    Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com is doubling down on its new low-price strategy to tap lower-tier markets amid intensified competition in the country, according to the company. The online shopping platform has been targeting smaller merchants by allowing these "million vendors" to open stores on its platform, Wang Xiong, an executive in charge of the firm's strategy direction, said at a press event in Beijing on Tuesday. The move marked a departure from JD.com's traditional business model, which

  • Fortune Insight


    《彭博》援引知情人士透露,中國科技巨頭字節跳動(ByteDance)旗下短片分享暨社交平台TikTok押注東南亞市場的快速增長,計劃今年將其全球電商業務規模擴大逾三倍,力爭商品銷售總額達到200億美元(約1,560億)的目標。 報導引述匿名消息表示,這與去年44億美元的商品銷售總額相比,將屬快速增長。TikTok押注於印尼等市場,當地具影響力的網紅透過直播帶貨,推銷牛仔褲去到唇膏等種種產品。 知情人士又稱, TikTok也在努力擴大在美國和歐洲的銷售,不過這些市場只佔200億美元目標的一小部份。報導指出,該公司正試圖在價值17萬億美元的電商市場獲取更大佔有率,因為屬於其主要收入來源的廣告業務,在經濟下行時期有所放緩。TikTok發言人拒絕評論公司財務狀況。 阿里(09988)跌1%;騰訊(00700)跌逾0.6%;京東(09618)無起跌。


    京東集團(09618.HK)設立人民幣櫃台 本月19日生效

    京東集團-SW(09618.HK)公布,人民幣櫃台的設立將於6月19日生效。股票簡稱「京東集團-SWR」,股份代號 (89618.HK),每手規模50股。(de/d)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

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    Will the Market Accept the Restructuring Plans of JD.com (JD)?

    Harding Loevner, an asset management company, released its “Emerging Markets Equity Strategy” first-quarter 2023 investor letter. A copy of the same can be downloaded here. In the first quarter, the strategy returned 3.3% net of fees compared to a 4.02% return for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. The fund rose as investors weighed the global economic […]

  • 鉅亨網

    盤中速報 - 京東商城ADR(JD-US)股價大漲至35.8100元,漲幅達3.71%


  • 鉅亨網

    盤中速報 - 京東商城ADR(JD-US)股價大漲至33.6800元,漲幅達3.31%



    《大行報告》大摩引述京東-SW(09618.HK)料今年電商競爭不會如市場預期般激烈 更關注具質素增長

    摩根士丹利發表報告指,疫情後中國服務業回暖帶動居民收入水平提高,推動消費需求改善,但中國整體收入水平尚未恢復,消費全面復甦仍然受阻。 報告引述京東-SW(09618.HK)(JD.US)管理層透露,由於大多數公司都在關注質量增長和效率提升,認為今年電商領域的競爭預期不會像市場想像中那麼激烈,對維持健康的利潤率仍有信心,主要來自於直銷業務利潤率提升,以及來自第三方業務更高的GMV貢獻所支持。 大摩預期,京東繼續取得核心品類的市場份額,另外受惠於低基數和3月份住房市場需求被壓抑,4月份家電GMV按年增幅達20%以上,預期下半年陸續推出的新智能手機型號,亦將提振智能手機需求。京東維持其高單位數的非通用會計準則下淨利潤率目標,大摩給予「增持」評級,美股目標價60美元。(gc/da)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com



    京東物流(02618.HK)公布,京東集團-SW(09618.HK)今年「618」促銷活動已啟動,截至今日(1日)中午,全國92%區縣消費者訂單已送達。 今年京東物流亦因應活動增加夜間生產能力,經過全國上千倉庫的徹夜生產,截至今早8時已有數千萬件京東618開門紅商品完成出庫,正送往消費者手中。(gc/da)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

  • BossMind

    開門紅|京東618火熱!蘋果成交1秒破億 「前抖音一哥」直播賣樓 10分鐘破億品牌增23%



    京東(09618.HK)「618」開場10分鐘破億品牌量增23% 近五成中小商家成交額升逾兩倍

    京東集團(09618.HK)(JD.US)公布,今年「618」促銷活動於5月31日晚上8時開場,甫開場美的、海爾、小米(01810.HK)、格力、Apple等品牌銷售額已突破1億元人民幣,10分鐘突破1億元人民幣的品牌數量按年增加23%,超過六成新商家10分鐘成交額突破5月份的日均水平,另外有近五成中小商家成交額增長超過200%。(gc/u)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

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    3 Nasdaq Sleeper Stocks to Buy Before Investors Wake Up

    Tech stocks have been the big winners this year, with the Nasdaq index up 25% since January. However, while some tech stocks have more than doubled their share price year to date, the current rally has not lifted all boats. Several tech-oriented stocks listed on the Nasdaq have actually fallen lower in recent months, presenting potential buying opportunities. Many of the stocks that have declined are household names and leaders in their respective markets. The problems that have brought these st

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    3 Beaten-Down Stocks to Buy for Massive Long-Term Gains

    Despite inflation, rising interest rates, and the recently solved debt ceiling crisis, the stock market has had a solid 2023. With that being the case, investors are looking for bargains amid a rising market. In other words, it’s a good time to consider beaten-down stocks for long-term gains. Uncertain economic times can cause people to fear investing in the market. And a fair number of storm clouds are on the horizon today. But ultimately, it is time in the market that drives a huge chunk of re



    據內媒報道,小米(01810.HK)在京東及天貓平台618手機銷量榜雙雙登頂。在「京東618手機競速榜」上,小米在該周預售品牌銷量榜排名第一,Redmi K60、Redmi K60Pro在預售單品榜排名前兩位。 在「天貓61狂歡手機預售榜」上,Redmi K60、小米13、Redmi Note12 Turbo霸榜前三名,4,000元人民幣以上價位段,小米13、小米13Pro分別排名第一和第三。(ta/w)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

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    Michael ‘Big Short’ Burry’s Recent Stock Purchases

    In this article, we will take a look at Michael Big Short Burry’s recent stock purchases. To see more such companies, go directly to Michael Big Short Burry’s Top 5 Recent Stock Purchases. Initiating contrarian bets is nothing new for Michael Burry, the famous “Big Short” investor who gained fame after successfully foreseeing the 2008 […]

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    Billionaire Michael Platt’s Top 10 Stock Picks

    In this article, we are going to look into Billionaire Michael Platt’s Top 10 Stock Picks. If you want to skip ahead, follow this link to read about Billionaire Michael Platt’s Top 5 Stock Picks. British billionaire Michael Platt is a notable figure in the hedge fund world. He co-founded BlueCrest Capital Management with American […]

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    4 Michael Burry Stocks to Buy (and 3 to Sell)

    With the Scion Asset Management hedge-fund manager rocketing to fame thanks to the film “The Big Short,” seemingly everyone wants to talk about Michael Burry stock picks. Recently, CNBC featured the contrarian and often-enigmatic investor, disclosing Scion’s top 10 holdings as of the first quarter’s end. True to form, these Michael Burry stocks offer an eclectic canvas, reflecting the brilliant mind of the physician-turned-investor-turned-social-media-influencer. In all seriousness, investors sh

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    京東雲全系核心產品全網比價啟動 承諾「買貴就賠」

    繼阿里巴巴(09988.HK)(BABA.US)旗下阿里雲、騰訊(00700.HK)(TCEHY.US)旗下騰訊雲及中移動(00941.HK)(600941.SH)旗下移動雲等雲服務供應商宣布降價措施後,京東(09618.HK)(JD.US)旗下京東雲宣布全系核心產品開啟「全網大比價」,承諾比「特定雲廠商」價低,買貴就賠。 此次比價「特定雲廠商」包括阿里雲、華為旗下華為雲及騰訊雲,涉及京東雲全系核心產品包括:計算、儲存、網絡、數據庫、中間件、安全、視頻服務、雲電腦,涵蓋產業客戶上雲、用雲全鏈條的服務需求。 京東雲全系核心產品的官網列表價均低於特定雲廠商官網對標的產品列表價格;實際成交單價將在特定雲廠商實際成交最低單價的基礎上再打九折。活動期間在相同計費周期內,如高於特定雲廠商對標產品的官網列表價,京東雲則承諾,該產品配置將以和特定雲廠商對比後的最低價格進行結算。活動期自即日起至9月30日。 京東雲表示,恰逢「京東618」即將開啟,此舉將進一步降低用雲門檻,助力中小企在數字化升級過程中降本增效。(ta/t)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com



    京東(09618.HK)(JD.US)宣布今日(23日)晚上8時啟動今年「京東618」預售階段,京東零售CEO辛利軍表示,繼3月初全面上線百億補貼頻道後,今年參與京東618百億補貼的商品數量,將達到3月的10倍以上,當中將包括200多款超級爆款和近萬款行業爆款。 他透露,從5月31日晚上8時、即正式開售階段起,除黃金等商品外,京東百億補貼商品將全面提供「買貴雙倍賠」服務。(gc/s) ~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址: www.aastocks.com

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Chinese Stocks That Could Make U.S. Investors Rich in 2023

    With geopolitical tensions soaring between the world’s top two economies, the idea of targeting China’s publicly traded securities – even those billed as the best Chinese stocks to buy now – might seem risky. To be sure, there are plenty of reasons to doubt the sector. For one thing, CNN Business points out that the recovery in the biggest economy of Asia has been patchy. Combined with the West and East pointing in dramatically different directions on key issues such as holding Russia accountabl

  • 鉅亨網

    盤中速報 - 京東商城ADR(JD-US)股價大漲至36.4000元,漲幅達3.82%


  • infocast

    港股反覆向上曾越250天線 藥明生物曾彈7%

    港股周一初段反覆向上,一度升越250天平均線(暫為19696點),漲逾300點,19784.71點,升334.14點。科指升逾2.6%,現報3922.14點,升2.62%。國指報6730.3點,升2.07%。藍籌中生科股藥股急彈,表現跑出。藥明生物(02269)報45元,升6.762%,阿里健康(00241)報4.91元,升4.915%。翰森製藥(03692)報12.94元,升3.85%。上周五急挫的阿里巴巴(09988)報83.95元,彈1.82%,騰訊(00700)彈0.9%,美團(03690)及京東(9618)各反覆升1.4%及2.6%。 (SY)#恒指

  • The Bamboo Works 詠竹坊

    徐雷突辭京東CEO 劉強東「強勢回歸」?

    擔任京東首席執行官僅一年的徐雷「快閃退休」,由首席財務官許冉接替,這次徐雷離開的時點頗為蹺蹊,市場揣測離創辦人劉強東回歸之日不遠 重點: 羅小芹 中國電子商貿巨擎京東集團股份有限公司(JD.US; 9618.HK)管理層再度出現變動,繼去年4月創始人劉強東退任首席執行官,並由徐雷接任後,該公司上周四突然宣布徐雷辭去首席執行官及執行董事職務,將於今年6月由現任首席財務官許冉接替,而許冉的首席財務官空缺,則由旗下京東物流(2618.HK)現任首席財務官單甦擔任。 公告顯示,徐雷是因為「個人原因」而選擇退休,並改任京東集團顧問委員會首任理事長的虛衍,徐雷解釋是要「把更多時間花在家人身上」。 有傳媒引述消息報道,京東零售於4月才完成五年來最重大的組織變革,將事業群變更為事業部,並首次打通自營及開放平台(POP),目前零售業務狀況相對混沌,可能至少要半年時間磨合。由於徐雷一向掌管零售業務,歷任京東零售首席執行官,他於此時退下火線,時機或令市場不解。 變身執行主席? 隨着徐雷退休,董事會主席劉強東會否以執行主席的姿態「復出」,也成為市場焦點。事實上,之前他已主導了公司多輪組織、戰略及經營目標調整,