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Fiverr International Ltd. (FVRR)

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36.32-3.24 (-8.19%)
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36.30 -0.02 (-0.06%)
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    Instagram: @Fitvirgin
    $FVRR conversation
    Never liked $FVRR anyway everything all services are supposed to be $5! The providers on there have ruined the community. The platform has allowed it. It was predestined to decline
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    $SPOT conversation
    So glad it went down so I can pick up at a discount. I hope all the scared little losers keep selling and go away cuz I'm in all these growth stocks for the long run and bought so much $SPOT, $NFLX, $SQ, $PYPL, $ZG, $FVRR, $TWLO, $PATH, $JMIA, $DKNG, etc etc. this week. Love it!!!
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    Raytheon Don
    As a $272 av bag holder, my confidence has not waned on this stock. I understand bond rates harm the value of heavy growth plays like $FVRR however we are still looking at the makings of $100b+ market cap company. GTLA!
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    Raytheon Don
    Respect to anyone who rode this up from last year. I’m in and holding strong at $240. Great company, great growth, great industry. $FVRR to $400
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    I just opened my first position in $FVRR. I actually use the product for my events company and loved how easy, professional and hassle free it was to use. Definitely massive potential. Just wish I jumped in earlier.
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    Long $FVRR. I see this as a $1,000 stock in the future
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    $FTOC conversation
    $UPWK and $FVRR business is growing rapidly. Both accept Payoneer's payment service. $FTOC payoneer service is needed especially when you need to pay in different foreign currencies.
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    $FVRR conversation
    Almost every index around the world is deep red.
    Fiverr too, of course, but I'm still at 85% profit. Why should I sell now? $FVRR is holding up really well at the moment, unlike others. The +20$ and -20$ are actually normal for $FVRR. We're only at the level of early February, even above it. Others from the tech sector have reached 2020 again today.
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    Raytheon Don
    Just bought my first share of $FVRR today. Hope I’m not too late to the party 🥵
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    Dec 7
    The best-performing stocks of 2020

    1. Novavax $NVAX +3030%
    2. Nio $NIO +1030%
    3. Arcturus $ARCT +1025%
    4. Overstock $OSTK +765%
    5. Fiverr $FVRR +760%
    6. Moderna $MRNA +728%
    7. Plug Power $PLUG +700%
    8. Celsius $CELH +682%
    9. Seres $MCRB +660%
    10. Tesla $TSLA +650
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    Upwork Inc.
    Honest question, i am doing my DD. $FVRR has a market cap of 20x its 2020 revenue. The projected revenue growth of both companies are similar. $UPWK current market cap is only 6x its revenue. My question is why?

    A) $UPWK is under valued and stock should rise about 3x to match $FVRR (20x revenue).
    B) $FVRR is overvalued.
    C) there os something else that i havent considered.

    Only serious responses please.
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    $IBM conversation
    Today's Zack strong sell is more like a Strong Buy signal rating. If you look at the history of their strong rating, honestly, you laugh at what they said in the past. Just three months ago, they gave a strong sell signal for $FVRR @162 and in less than three months, the share price went up to 209. Also they beat their estimate for the recent quarter. I keep my shares and recommend buying at this prices.

    For those who think IBM is an old company, I recommend you to read their business model one more time and enjoy their business of cloud, financial, etc.

    Stay long and hope we all be happy investors by the end of year.
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    With COVID prevalent/here to stay $FVRR will benefit from freelance work
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    $IZEA conversation
    $FVRR had a good earnings report, so it seems based on its price movement PM, and $IZEA's business is booming based on $IZEA's last PR, so it's reasonable to expect $IZEA to go up going forward.
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    Fiverr International Ltd.
    fiver is 30-1 price to market cap ratio. Easily worth 6 billion in Cap which makes $FVRR stock easily over $185 a share.
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    Wall St.
    $FVRR conversation
    $FVRR makes lower highs and lower lows, It is a very bearish trend. There is no support.
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    Raytheon Don
    538% in a year and there are still bears on here saying $FVRR is a bad stock. Are stocks supposed to do 10% every week? Go buy some bonds or something if you can’t handle a bit of volatility. $8b market cap company in an addressable market of over $500b. I’ll take my chances and double down.
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    $UPWK conversation
    $UPWK won't ever skyrocket. To understand this, you have to know both Fiverr and Upwork. You have to know both products and have at least used both products. And most of you people here getting $UPWK thinking it's going to skyrocket like $FVRR are thinking, "hey, they're the same thing, they do the exact same service, so $UPWK has tons of room to grow and move up!"

    I was that guy. Until the last earnings report. $UPWK failed to make a profit while $FVRR are making profits.

    Within seconds after the last earnings release, even though it beat analyst's predictions, it failed to even compete with $FVRR.

    So, everyone jumped off $UPWK and onto $FVRR. Check the charts if you don't believe me.

    For those who are familiar with Webex vs Zoom, it is very much the same situation: Upwork works with more bigger businesses, so their model is a hybrid B2B, like Webex. Fiverr doesn't work with big companies and works mostly as a listing for people who need a freelancer, so they would be Zoom. One may have a superior product(Upwork & Webex), but unfortunately they have more barriers and is more expensive, which is why Zoom is killing Webex even though Webex is a better product with the technological advantage Cisco should be giving them.

    I have used both platforms(I am a freelancer as well). Both are not very good platforms, but Upwork has not changed a single thing to their platform, which looks almost like a late 2000s job board. The branding is terrible, the platform has very little features, and it has not added any new features for years(just like Slack and see how they're doing, right?).

    Upwork is a good company, I like that they have a woman CEO, but fact is the company still isn't making a profit while Fiverr keeps getting bigger and bigger. She was the Head of Product and if your CEO was the Head of Product and it has not improved or added any new features for years, then I don't have faith that will change. And maybe they're purposely not adding features because they're hoping they're bought out.

    Upwork will always be a $15-17 stock. It won't break $20 for a very, very long time if it ever happens.

    And every earnings report will be judged not on Upwork, but against Fiverr(just like what happened to the last earnings report). Upwork may beat analysts, but they won't beat Fiverr and more people will get frustrated and jump ship to buy into Fiverr.

    Upwork's shares is dictated by Fiverr and not by their own company.

    Enter at your own risk, but seriously, whoever is pumping and hyping Upwork has never used the product, never used Fiverr either, and doesn't know the freelance market.

    They are only trying to swindle more people into getting in to cover some of their losses from the last earnings report when it fell $3 in 2 days.
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    $FVRR conversation
    Multiple reasons for a climb out:
    - $FVRR trading right at support so we will probably see a bounce fairly soon.
    - Eventually people will come back from trading Gamestop (Taking profits or if it dips) and buy back in.
    - The analysist(s) rating is just a short term hiccup and I don't think that will have any long term effect.
    - Earnings and super bowl ad coming up!!
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    Fiverr International Ltd.
    $FVRR is going to be huge in the future. Added more today and will hold for years to come. GLTA.