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NasdaqGS - NasdaqGS 即時價格。貨幣為 USD。
-0.87 (-2.77%)
市場開市。 截至 12:23PM EDT。
買盤30.39 x 2200
賣出價30.40 x 1800
今日波幅30.25 - 31.40
52 週波幅24.59 - 44.04
Beta 值 (5 年,每月)0.87
市盈率 (最近 12 個月)
每股盈利 (最近 12 個月)-0.70
業績公佈日2023年7月26日 - 2023年7月31日
遠期股息及收益率0.50 (1.61%)
1 年預測目標價28.66
  • South China Morning Post

    Alibaba's T-Head joins global initiative to develop RISC-V software ecosystem, along with Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia

    T-Head, the chip unit of Alibaba Group Holding, has joined a global initiative to develop a software ecosystem and accelerate commercialisation for RISC-V, as the open-source chip design architecture is increasingly seen as a potential alternative for proprietary Arm and x86 architectures. The RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) Project, hosted by Linux Foundation European, a non-profit organisation enabling innovation through open source, has brought together 13 global industry leaders as its foun

  • South China Morning Post

    Chinese computer maker Powerleader says its CPU was developed 'with the support of Intel'

    Shenzhen-based computer maker Powerleader, which was suspected by hardware testing websites of rebadging one of Intel's older microprocessors as its own, said its central processing unit (CPU) was developed "with the support of Intel". The Chinese company's Powerstar P3-01105 CPUs were found to be identical to Intel's Core i3-10105 Comet Lake CPU, according to a recent report published by online tech news site Tom's Hardware, citing results of a CPU benchmark test conducted by Geekbench on May 2



    韓媒報道,英特爾(INTC.US)正計劃在南韓首爾設立一個專門用於數據中心開發的實驗室,並將與三星及SK海力士合作研究伺服器內存技術。 英特爾在 1 月份舉行的 Intel Vision 2023 活動中宣布了這一計劃。首爾新實驗室的確切規模尚不清楚,但預計將在 2023 年內投入營運。 此前有傳英特爾有意在南韓、美國、中國、墨西哥及印度等5個國家建立新實驗室,而位於首爾的數據中心開發實驗室將專注於研究趨勢內存技術,預計實驗室將於今年內投入運作。(mn/a)~ 阿思達克財經新聞 網址:

  • Fortune Insight

    反擊「暴芯」CPU貼牌質疑 寶德發聲明指是向英特爾定製

    內地晶片公司寶德計算機系統股份於5月初發布代號為「PowerStar(暴芯)」的全新x86架構中央處理器(CPU),獲內地媒體大幅度報導。不過,該CPU後來被發現核心是英特爾(Intel)的處理器,被質疑是貼牌產品,並非自主研發,更有騙補貼的嫌疑。該公司最新澄清,表示暴芯CPU是在英特爾支持下推出的定製CPU產品。 [caption id="attachment_5170893" align="alignnone" width="600"]

  • Financial Times

    The big question of how small chips can get

    For decades, ever-tinier semiconductors have allowed huge leaps in computing progress. Not for much longer, warn experts

  • 鉅亨網

    盤中速報 - 英特爾(INTC-US)股價大漲至31.6400元,漲幅達5.5%


  • infocast


    螞蟻集團旗下科技品牌螞蟻鏈表示,該公司與英特爾聯合發布基於可信執行環境(TEE)的可信計算平台(MAPPIC),旨在為大規模人工智能(AI)機器學習提供安全、高效、易用的隱私保護方案。螞蟻鏈刊登在官微的公告稱,MAPPIC 將具備百TB乃至PB級數據規模下的隱私保護數據分析能力。用戶只需修改少量源代碼就可以讓主流分布式 AI 框架、分布式組件等關鍵技術在 TEE 中可靠運行,低門檻實現大數據的全面隱私保護。螞蟻鏈指出,MAPPIC 的發布是在雙方過往合作成果上的進一步升級,面向當前海量數據分析隱私安全的訴求,為數據要素流通、產業 Web3 在大規模數據應用方向上提供技術支撐。 (BC)#螞蟻鏈 #英特爾

  • Yahoo Finance

    AI is about to significantly change your computer: HP CEO

    HP Inc. is plotting an AI future as sales of PCs continue to be under pressure.

  • Fortune

    Intel struggles to make good on chip-making bet as rivals like Nvidia get ahead: ‘We didn’t get into this mud hole because everything was going great’

    Intel recorded its largest quarterly loss earlier this year. There's more pain to come—and it isn't just about the supply glut in semiconductors.

  • Yahoo財經

    美股日誌|英偉達市值破萬億帶動納指 道指偏軟


  • Benzinga

    What's Going On With Intel Stock Tuesday

    Intel Corp (NASDAQ: INTC) stock is up Tuesday in sympathy with Nvidia Corp's (NASDAQ: NVDA) AI-driven rally. Over the past decade, Nvidia beat Intel to become America's most valuable semiconductor company. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ: AMD) stole market share while Intel struggled with repeated delays in launching new chips. Interestingly, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger flagged severe issues regarding leadership, people, methodology, and more for the chipmaker's fall from the leading chipmaker p

  • BossMind

    晶片教主|黃仁勳稱AI必須規範 盼可開發新藥及應對天氣 談英特爾競爭 重提Run, don’t walk


  • South China Morning Post

    Intel inside? Chinese firm Powerleader's 'home-grown' chip suspected of being a rebadged microprocessor from US giant, test results show

    A purported new "home-grown" chip introduced by a Chinese computer hardware producer this month is suspected to be a rebadged integrated circuit (IC) from Intel Corp, according to a report by online tech news site Tom's Hardware, based on the results of a central processing unit (CPU) benchmark testing via online cross-platform utility Geekbench. Testing site Geekbench, a platform run by Canadian software developer Primate Labs, published the key parameters of Shenzhen-based Powerleader's Powers

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Shaky Stocks to Ditch Before June 2023

    It might be time to start looking for stocks to ditch. Stock markets continue to be volatile and plenty of well-known companies are seeing their share prices fall to new lows. Regardless of whether the declines are because of poor management, macroeconomic headwinds, growing competition, or negative investor sentiment, many once dominant stocks are struggling right now. While it’s often advisable to buy the dip in a distressed stock, it’s also important for investors to know when to cut their lo

  • Yahoo財經

    美股日誌|龍頭科技股全線造好 納指升2.4%


  • Yahoo Finance

    Why Nvidia's boom isn't a bubble: Morning Brief

    Make no mistake, Nvidia has captured the imagination of Wall Street.

  • Financial Times

    Nvidia closes in on the trillion-dollar club

    Plus, US chipmaker Nvidia is on track to join the $1tn club. It’s a long time since I’ve read notes from big, grown-up bank analysts like Morgan Stanley that are hyperventilating quite as much as they are about Nvidia’s earnings.

  • Yahoo財經

    美股日誌|英偉達颷24%帶挈AI概念 道指5連跌


  • Yahoo Finance

    There’s an AI war, and Nvidia is the only arms dealer: Analyst

    Shares of Nvidia ripped higher Thursday, as the company rides the AI wave.

  • 鉅亨網

    盤中速報 - 英特爾(INTC-US)股價急跌至27.5950元,跌幅達4.84%


  • Yahoo Finance

    Nvidia stock explodes after 'guidance for the ages': What Wall Street is saying

    Nvidia cements its market darling status after a blowout quarter and outlook.

  • Yahoo Finance

    Nvidia Q1 earnings: AI powers beats on the top and bottom line

    Nvidia beat analysts' expectations in Q1 on the strength of its data center business.

  • Financial Times

    Investing in AI — hype and hope

    This requires assumptions about costs, growth, tax and, with technology stocks, dilution from shares issued to “pay” management and staff. Analysts valuing tech stocks often do so based on sales revenue.

  • 鉅亨網

    應材投資建立研發中心 台積電、英特爾等夥伴力挺

    應用材料 (AMAT-US) 今 (23) 日宣佈,建造世界最大和最先進的半導體製程技術與製造設備合作研究開發中心,未來「設備與製程創新暨商業化」(EPIC) 中心將規劃作為高速創新平台的核心,目標加速全球半導體和運算產業所需基礎

  • Insider Monkey

    Billionaire Ken Griffin’s 2023 Portfolio: Top 15 Stock Picks

    In this piece, we will take a look at the top fifteen stocks in billionaire Ken Griffin’s 2023 portfolio. For more stocks, head on over to Billionaire Ken Griffin’s 2023 Portfolio: Top 5 Stock Picks. The stock market crash of 2022 hammered several major hedge funds. One of the biggest funds that bled capital last […]