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    Warning! 3 Cryptos That Are Too Risky to Own Right Now.

    Traders must meticulously pick the ventures they wish to invest in long-term in the digital currency market. Many crypto projects remain flawed or predatory, which puts investors in a difficult position. Risky cryptos have proliferated as crypto valuations surged and investors focused on profits over substance. Regulatory crackdowns following the FTX scandal have increased concerns among investors, with governments worldwide seeking to establish new precedents that could alter the industry. Here

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    3 Sorry Cryptos to Sell in April Before It’s Too Late

    As the cryptocurrency market experiences a surge of enthusiasm, savvy investors would want to identify cryptos to sell to limit the downside. While well-founded projects continue to hold investment potential, some flooded the market with altcoins and meme coins that lack real-world utility. The long-term outlook for such cryptos to sell appears to be remarkably bleak. However, occasional spikes during market rallies allow crypto traders to sell or short their tokens yielding hefty profits. Those

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    加密貨幣 Pepe Coin 在上市短短兩天內就爆升900%,表現驚人,其市值在一周內從零飆升至近 1 億美元(7.8億港元)。 Yahoo財經分析 memecoin 飛速上漲背後的狂熱。

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    3 Penny Cryptos With High Liquidity for Easier Trading

    Investors that trade in penny cryptos have one overriding concern: liquidity. Liquidity is the ease, speed, and price at which an asset can be swapped for other investments. In short, if low-priced crypto isn’t easily tradable, it isn’t beneficial to investors. If a token appreciates 50%, but the owner can’t sell it, it is much less valuable. Conversely, if the same token owner can immediately realize a 50% gain on the said token, it becomes much more relevant. So, the question then is how inves

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    3 Cryptos to Sell in December

    We’re nearing the end of 2022 and about to usher in a bright new year. For most investors in the crypto sector, that’s a good thing. The valuations of cryptos have been pummeled nearly across the board, with most owners of the coins looking for cryptos to sell right now. Last year was a completely different story. Investors could have tripped over a token and made money. The market was surging, with the price appreciation of everything from meme tokens to certain stablecoin projects (especially

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    AMC CEO: We will still accept crypto despite the crash in prices

    AMC CEO Adam Aron weighs in on crypto as payment.

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    4 Crypto Investing Opportunities to Make 1,000% Gains

    Finding crypto investing opportunities was a snap during a bull market, it was not a big deal to make 1,000% gains in coins or tokens. However, things have changed drastically. Crypto investing opportunities have all but disappeared as prices plummeted and trading liquidity has dried up significantly. The crypto winter seems to be longer and more painful than expected. Amidst the market gloom, smart money is flowing into quality projects. In the universe of listed crypto tokens and coins, there

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    3 Cryptos That Could 10X by 2032

    The search for cryptos that could 10x is always on. Indeed, for investors in this sector up to last year, 10x returns seemed all but a foregone conclusion for most projects. The rate at which blockchain technology and the tokens that support it grew suggested the runway for growth was unlimited. 2022 has been less kind to crypto investors. The start of monetary policy tightening, combined with recession worries, has led valuations lower. Whether we’re talking about stocks or crypto, any risk-on

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    From Shiba Inu to Binance, Why “Burn Coins” Are All The Rage

    Lately it seems like everyone from Binance (BNB-USD) to Shiba Inu (SHIB-USD) is in the news for “token burns”: crypto’s version of a stock buyback. Let’s see what’s going on here and why it’s such a crucial – yet little-known factor in picking the right crypto plays…at the right time. Source: Shutterstock Token Burns Keep SHIB on the Leaderboard If you’re not that familiar with Shiba Inu… It’s actually a little different from Dogecoin (DOGE-USD). While DOGE was created as a joke by “hard-forking

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    How You Can Utilize Crypto to Get the Most Out of Your Investments

    Crypto is confusing, but it’s also here to stay. The world is adjusting to the ideas and near-infinite potential of blockchain-backed digital currency, with businesses and even entire countries jumping on the bandwagon. Investors are also faced with the question of how to incorporate this volatile source of wealth into their portfolios. One can simply look at the investing carnage that took place in early 2022 to realize how erratic crypto markets can be. With that in mind, here are a few tips t

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    Yahoo U: What are meme coins?

    Meme coins originate from token projects tied to pop culture events and trends.

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    The Fed is forcing markets to 'flush' crypto speculators: Strategist

    The Federal Reserve's tougher stance on inflation fighting has popped the crypto bubble.

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    Crypto optimist: Bitcoin to $1,000,000 by 2030 'pretty lofty' at this point

    One long-time crypto optimist is questioning another's bullish long-term call on bitcoin prices amid the latest plunge in prices for digital currencies.

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    91% of crypto users plan to buy more over next 6 months: BofA survey

    According to a survey from Bank of America, a majority of those interested in crypto plan to buy in the next six months amid the current rout.

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    7 Cryptos to Sell Before They Start to Spiral

    With Bitcoin (BTC-USD) being rejected at $30,000, the crypto market is in a fragile state. Due to an economic slump, certain assets are particularly risky as the market starts falling and investors look at which cryptos to sell. Moreover, most cryptocurrencies are unregulated, and a fair chunk of those serve no utility. There are also cryptos with poor fundamentals and tokenomics that can lead to a bad outcome. As we’ve seen with Luna Classic (LUNC-USD), even some of the most significant cryptoc