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    3 Cryptos to Sell in May and Go Away

    Investors looking for cryptos to sell may not have been rewarded too well this year, which may not change soon. However, the crypto market is saturated with projects that have no utility and can only be used for transfers with high fees. Even then, people only hold or transfer them because of speculation about their future price instead of their uses. With a recession on the horizon later this year, I strongly believe that crypto investors should start dumping such projects and move into the big

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    3 Underdog Cryptos to Buy to Win Big in 2023

    To paraphrase a famous Mark Twain quote, reports of the death of cryptocurrencies have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, crypto has been on a red-hot run so far in 2023, outperforming most other asset classes, including stocks. In 2023, the price of Bitcoin (BTC-USD), the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is up 40%. At the start of December, following the spectacular $8 billion implosion of FTX, a crypto exchange, Bitcoin was trading under $16,000; now it’s changing hands for jus

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    TRX Crypto Warning: Why Tron’s USDD Crypto Will Follow Terra Luna Into a Death Spiral

    If anyone had an opinion about Tron (TRX-USD) before April of this year, I could almost guarantee it would’ve been positive. Tron has been among the most popular proof-of-stake blockchains because it allows investors to make cheap transactions, hosting many major stablecoin projects. Via Tron’s USDD (USDD-USD) crypto, a whole world of possibilities has opened up for those bullish on algorithmic stablecoins. There are some advantages to such projects. For example, moving around Tether (USDT-USD)

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    3 Cryptos to Sell Before They Crash Next

    As we round out 2022, it’s important to reflect on how terrible a year it’s been for crypto thus far. Many projects have failed, eroding investors’ faith in riskier projects. Moreover, the bankruptcy of BlockFi and FTX has alarmed investors who previously viewed regulated exchanges as safe. Consequently, the fallout from these bankruptcies, combined with increasingly bearish sentiment in the market, could create a downward spiral in which many other projects and exchanges collapse in the near fu

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    3 Cryptos Under $5 That Could Be the Next Big Thing

    With this recent crypto market plunge, plenty of coins and tokens have dropped below the $5 mark. In fact, looking at some of the largest and most promising projects out there, investors really do have a slew of cryptos under $5 to choose from. Indeed, there is still a tremendous amount of upside potential in cryptos over the long term. Despite this beatdown, growth investors may be on the look out for value. However, picking which tokens to consider in this market rubble isn’t easy. Many that h