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    3 Screaming Buys to Grab Before Crypto Comes Roaring Back

    There are plenty of options available for investors looking to play the momentum of the crypto sector right now. From mega-cap tokens Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and Ethereum (ETH-USD) to the most speculative meme tokens, there’s something out there for everyone. Of course, in this environment, investors are best suited to looking for the highest-quality investments. That’s true in the world of equities as well as digital assets. Thus, a rather wide swath of unproven crypto projects can be put aside for t

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    3 DeFi Cryptocurrencies to Keep on Your Radar

    Decentralized finance is the dream upon which cryptocurrencies are built. Digital coins and tokens emerged after the 2008 financial crisis when the mainstream banking system came close to collapse. Crypto advocates want people to have complete control over their own money without needing an intermediary, such as a bank or credit union. The DeFi networks that are being developed today use secure distributed ledgers and digital wallets. This allows users to hold and control their own money outside

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    The 3 Most Promising Cryptocurrencies of the Year

    To the surprise of many people, cryptocurrencies have been the top-performing asset class so far in 2023. In fact, the overall crypto market has outperformed stocks, bonds, and commodities. This represented a massive turnaround from the end of 2022, when many analysts were forecasting that a crypto winter was about to turn into an ice age following the $8 billion implosion of crypto exchange FTX and the failure of several other crypto lenders, brokers, and stablecoins. Many analysts predicted th

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    The 3 Best Cryptos to Buy for Stability and Diversification in March

    For investors, who have hundreds of cryptos from which to choose, it can take time to determine which names are most safe and diversified. This article will highlight the three best cryptos to buy for those investors who prioritize stability and diversification. By the end of this article, investors should have a better grasp of why these three mega-cap cryptos are worth buying. ETH-USD Ethereum $1,738.88 BTC-USD Bitcoin $25,868.11 AVAX-USD Avalanche $17.48 InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Sto

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    3 Cryptos to Buy at Multi-Year Lows

    This year hasn’t been the party that 2021 was for the economy, and the crypto market has been particularly terrible. While many investors sought out cryptos to buy to maximize investment gains last year, most investors in 2022 appear to have switched their focus to finding defensive places to hide. That makes sense. Interest rates are on the rise as inflation continues to surge. Geopolitical conflicts abound. And regulatory issues from various jurisdictions around the world have become unfavorab

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    美股日誌|等待中期選舉結果 道指漲1%連升三日


  • Yahoo財經


    2022 年對加密貨幣買家來說是難捱的一年,但在經過今年早些時候的大蕭條後,似乎出現一線希望。

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    3 Cryptos to Buy Now for Extraordinary Gains

    The vicious bear market we’ve seen play out this year in cryptocurrencies has taken many investors by surprise. For those looking for cryptos to buy, it really appears as if there’s no good place to start looking. After all, most tokens are depreciating in value as investors continue to de-risk their portfolio. With surging inflation has come higher interest rates, which the Federal Reserve bumped up another 0.75% this week. Accordingly, portfolio positioning has changed substantially, and not i

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    3 Cryptocurrencies to Buy for Low-Risk Crypto Profits

    Cryptocurrency investors are increasingly turning to low-risk cryptos that may generate lucrative returns even during a potential crypto winter. The global cryptocurrency market has taken a severe beating so far in 2022, shrinking from almost $3 trillion in November to well under $1 trillion. Despite a roughly 10% comeback over the past 30 days, the Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund (OTCMKTS:BITW) and the Defiance Digital Revolution ETF (NYSEARCA:NFTZ) are down 70% and 60% in 2022, respectively. Such

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    比特幣跌破2萬美元 因風險偏好情緒再度降溫


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    3 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now Before Crypto Winter Ends

    It’s been a long, cold and dark crypto winter this year, with most tokens down well over 50% since their November highs. Finding cryptocurrencies to buy in this environment may seem like an exercise in masochism. That said, with downside volatility comes the potential for big gains in the future. Accordingly, for those who believe in the long-term viability of the crypto sector, in terms of its innovation and transformative nature, picking high-quality tokens now, when no one wants them, seems l

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    Crypto market cap regains $1 trillion ahead of Ethereum merge, bankruptcy proceedings

    For the first time in 5 weeks, the total market capitalization for crypto assets climbed above $1 trillion as of Monday morning.

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    After $1 billion in liquidations on crypto’s 'Black Monday,' selling wanes ahead of FOMC

    Cryptocurrency sell-offs continued through Tuesday morning, analysts remain extremely cautious as investors await the Federal Reserve’s Wednesday FOMC meeting and press conference.