CHF=X - 美元/瑞士法郎

CCY - CCY 延遲價格。貨幣為 CHF。
+0.0001 (+0.0066%)
市場開市。 截至 10:53AM BST。
今日波幅0.9033 - 0.9060
52 週波幅0.8820 - 1.0147
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    英鎊去年創脫歐後新低 今年將何去何從?


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    〈紐約匯市〉瑞士央行轉鷹 瑞郎單日漲幅近七年最大 美元續軟

    瑞士法郎兌美元漲 2.81% 至 0.9659 瑞郎。瑞士央行 (SNB) 周四意外升息 2 碼,將利率自 - 0.75% 調升至 - 0.25%,是 15 年來首度升息,帶動瑞郎單日大漲近 3%。

  • Reuters

    Swiss franc soars after shock rate hike; pound rises

    The Swiss franc soared against the dollar and the euro on Thursday after the Swiss National Bank delivered a surprise interest rate hike, while the British pound rose after the Bank of England delivered a rate hike of its own. The SNB joined other central banks in tightening monetary policy in its first rate hike in 15 years, increasing its policy rate to -0.25% from the -0.75% it has deployed since 2015. The move put the Swiss franc on pace for its largest daily jump against the euro since the SNB ditched its currency peg in 2015, with the common currency tumbling 1.9% to 1.019 francs, a 2-month low.