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5 個股票代號

  • Insider Monkey

    Top 10 Generative Artificial Intelligence Companies to Invest In

    In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 generative artificial intelligence companies to invest in. To see more such companies, go directly to Top 5 Generative Artificial Intelligence Companies to Invest In. Generative AI will perhaps be the most dominant and consequential buzzword of not only 2023 but this decade. Generative […]

  • Investor's Business Daily

    Dow Jones Futures Loom: Debt-Ceiling Deal In Focus For AI-Led Market Rally

    Futures loom with a tentative debt-ceiling deal to avoid default in focus. How will the AI-led market rally react?

  • Investor's Business Daily

    Tesla Vs. BYD 2023: Elon Musk Isn't Laughing At This China EV Giant Now

    Elon Musk in 2011 laughed at the idea, but BYD is a big EV rival now. Tesla has surged back toward a breakout. BYD stock is near a buy point.

  • Motley Fool

    1 Semiconductor Stock Set to Join Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet in the $1 Trillion Club

    Finally, technology giant Apple became the world's first $1 trillion company in 2018. Apple has since been joined by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google parent Alphabet in the $1 trillion club. Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) is the world's leading producer of advanced semiconductors, especially those designed to power new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Motley Fool

    3 Cathie Wood Stocks Expected to Rise 245% to 980% Over the Next Few Years

    Despite some bold predictions, investors should not discount the possibility of earning outsize returns in these stocks.

  • Motley Fool

    2 Top Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now and Hold for the Long-Term

    For investors trying to determine what stocks could put up market-beating returns in the coming years, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) should be on your list. While I won't get points for originality for putting Tesla on this list, there are some very good reasons for investors to consider buying Tesla right now. First, Tesla's early moves into the EV market are paying off.

  • TipRanks

    Pay Attention to Silicon Carbide Chips, Says Hedge Fund Manager

    The production of lithium is scaling up rapidly, alongside the establishment of lithium refineries like the one built by Tesla (TSLA), which CEO Elon Musk has referred to as a “license to print money.” These refineries offer the opportunity to process lower-grade lithium, which is more abundant, into batteries suitable for EVs. At the same time, hedge fund managers and analysts see promise in another aspect of powering EVs – silicon carbide chips. The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is gaining

  • Financial Times

    South Korea’s Naver to target foreign governments with latest ChatGPT-like AI model

    Naver, South Korea’s dominant internet search engine, is set to offer tailored versions of its latest ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence model to foreign governments concerned about US data controls. Unlike Microsoft and Google’s focus on universal AI models, Naver is keen to develop localised AI applications for countries with political sensitivities in the Arab world, as well as for non-English speaking countries such as Spain and Mexico, where governments are keen to have their own AI systems customised to their political and cultural contexts. “This will be a massive business as sovereign AI technology is becoming increasingly important for data protection,” said Sung Nako, a Naver executive in charge of developing hyperscale AI, which involves the organising of computing power and data in the cloud on a massive scale to train and operate AI.

  • Motley Fool

    Could These 3 Stocks Be Worth $1 Trillion by 2030?

    Some of these companies would have to blow expectations out of the water to achieve a $1 trillion market cap.

  • Fortune

    Elon Musk admits BYD cars ‘are highly competitive these days’ after 2011 clip shows him laughing at the rival now trouncing Tesla in China

    “I don’t think they have a great product," Musk said of BYD in 2011, adding it wasn't a Tesla competitor in his mind.

  • Motley Fool

    The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans You Can Get Now

    Our phones are a key part of daily life, used for communication, social media updates, and even productivity on the move. Read on to see the cheapest plans.

  • Insider Monkey

    Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller’s 2023 Portfolio: Top 10 Stock Picks

    In this article, we will take a look at billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller’s 2023 portfolio and his top 10 stock picks. To see more such companies, go directly to Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller’s 2023 Portfolio: Top 5 Stock Picks. Pessimism, doom and gloom was starting to be visible in Stanley Druckenmiller’s tone last year when the billionaire […]

  • Simply Wall St.

    At CA$70.18, Is Magna International Inc. (TSE:MG) Worth Looking At Closely?

    Magna International Inc. ( TSE:MG ) received a lot of attention from a substantial price movement on the TSX over the...

  • Yahoo Finance

    Eighty-two percent of millennials worry AI will threaten their pay, survey says

    Investors believe AI is the latest tech revolution. Millennial workers are worried this will mean less pay for the same work.

  • Motley Fool

    Tesla Is Already the Best-Selling Car Worldwide and a Second Might Soon Follow

    In this week's video, I cover everything you need to know about news related to Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) during the week of May 22. Today's video will focus on Tesla's continued domination in Europe and China, reports of the new Tesla Model 3 production trial, new autopilot hardware, and more.

  • TheStreet.com

    Tesla Humiliates Toyota

    The producer of electric vehicles has just snatched a crown from the Japanese automaker that has belonged to it for several years.

  • Simply Wall St.

    Alphabet's (NASDAQ:GOOGL) investors will be pleased with their stellar 120% return over the last five years

    The worst result, after buying shares in a company (assuming no leverage), would be if you lose all the money you put...

  • GOBankingRates

    New Car Market: Prices Are About To Plummet Due to Oversupply

    The U.S. car market has shifted into lower gear in only a matter of months. After average car prices hit record highs as recently as last summer, some analysts now predict that an oversupply of...

  • Motley Fool

    Alphabet's Secret Weapon in the Artificial Intelligence Race

    Like it or not, tech giants like Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL)(NASDAQ: GOOG) have an enormous edge over start-ups, as they can leverage their considerable resources to stay ahead of the competition. This article will focus on one critical resource that Alphabet can wield to its advantage. Companies like Alphabet have invested in top-tier talents, research and development, computing infrastructure, operational costs, etc., to remain competitive.

  • Motley Fool

    Rivian Stock: Bull vs. Bear

    While the company has been scaling its business rapidly, it's still reporting large losses, and the stock has been incredibly volatile since its late-2021 initial public offering. Jeremy Bowman: Rivian stock is down more than 90% since it peaked shortly after its IPO in November 2021. Rivian is still an unproven start-up, and high expectations are very much priced into the stock, given the company is a long way from becoming profitable.

  • Motley Fool

    I Tried Asking ChatGPT to Help Me Invest So You Don't Have to

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how people work, read, shop, and do just about anything else. Companies have been using AI models for years for all sorts of functions, such as predictions on seasonal shopping demands and inventory management. ChatGPT has captured a lot of attention for its use of generative AI models to create work that mimics human capabilities.

  • Motley Fool

    Did Tesla Just Give Away Its Biggest Competitive Advantage?

    The Nasdaq Composite (NASDAQINDEX: ^IXIC) and S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^GSPC) finished at their best levels of the year, although the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI) remains well off its 2023 highs as tech stocks once again took center stage. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) made a big deal with automaker rival Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), and while the advantages for Ford customers are obvious, it's not entirely clear whether the gains that Tesla will reap from the arrangement will outweigh the potential loss of goodwill from its notoriously loyal customers. Ford and Tesla announced that Ford's electric vehicle customers will get access to the Tesla Supercharger network beginning in early 2024.

  • Financial Times

    Ford’s new focus: how the carmaker buckled up with Red Bull for its return to the grid

    The racing team needs the US carmaker’s expertise in cell technology as F1 moves to 50% battery power from 2026. For Ford, the deal is a shop window for its expertise

  • Reuters

    UPDATE 1-US jury says Google owes Sonos $32.5 million in smart-speaker patent case

    Alphabet Inc's Google must pay $32.5 million in damages for infringing one of smart-speaker maker Sonos Inc's patents in its wireless audio devices, a San Francisco federal jury decided on Friday. The companies previously worked together to integrate Mountain View, California-based Google's streaming music service into Sonos products. Sonos last year won a limited import ban on some Google devices from the ITC, which Google has appealed.