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    3 Cryptos That Could Turn $1,000 into $10,000 by 2025

    The top cryptos in terms of market capitalization are unlikely to deliver 10x returns by 2025. That’s mostly because such returns would essentially result in cryptos with trillion-dollar market capitalizations. However, there are still promising projects with the potential to do so. I believe many of the smaller and more speculative names have the potential to turn $1,000 into $10,000 in less than two years. That is, if a new crypto rally occurs following a highly-anticipated Bitcoin (BTC-USD) h

  • InvestorPlace

    Crypto Trading Strategies: How to Profit with 3 Different Coins

    There are dozens and dozens of strategies traders use to profit from cryptocurrency. Those strategies range from the very complex to the very simple. Many require technical analysis that relies on price and volume data. Those strategies require investors to be adept at recognizing price patterns and taking advantage rapidly. While those certainly can and do lead to profit, this article is going discuss general signs investors should seek to identify for each of the coins below. These macroeconom

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Cheap Altcoins to Buy If You’re Looking for Penny Cryptos

    Following last year’s “crypto winter,” a wide range of cryptocurrencies and related projects declined sharply. Altcoins suffered some of the steepest losses. Thus, many investors may be looking to diversify away from these digital assets, rather than attempting to find cheap altcoins to buy right now. That view certainly makes sense. Many of the same macro catalysts which led to a marked decline in this sector persist. Specifically, interest rates are still rising, inflation remains robust, and

  • InvestorPlace

    The 3 Best Cheap Cryptos to Buy Now

    There are plenty of cryptocurrencies out there trading at relatively low prices. Indeed, finding sub-one-cent cryptos isn’t that hard. However, many investors question whether any of these cheap cryptos are worth buying when looking at low-valued tokens. Of course, some are, but most aren’t. In this market, quality demands a premium (or, at least, a less-discounted valuation). And given how high crypto prices ran during the last cycle, many may believe that these lower levels are necessary for a

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Cryptos That Could 10X by 2032

    The search for cryptos that could 10x is always on. Indeed, for investors in this sector up to last year, 10x returns seemed all but a foregone conclusion for most projects. The rate at which blockchain technology and the tokens that support it grew suggested the runway for growth was unlimited. 2022 has been less kind to crypto investors. The start of monetary policy tightening, combined with recession worries, has led valuations lower. Whether we’re talking about stocks or crypto, any risk-on

  • InvestorPlace

    3 Cryptos Under $5 That Could Be the Next Big Thing

    With this recent crypto market plunge, plenty of coins and tokens have dropped below the $5 mark. In fact, looking at some of the largest and most promising projects out there, investors really do have a slew of cryptos under $5 to choose from. Indeed, there is still a tremendous amount of upside potential in cryptos over the long term. Despite this beatdown, growth investors may be on the look out for value. However, picking which tokens to consider in this market rubble isn’t easy. Many that h

  • InvestorPlace

    7 Cryptos to Watch As Digital Assets Trudge Forward

    After the equities market suffered a rough session to start the business week of July 11, those investors tied to the cryptocurrency sector have some tough choices ahead. Throughout the first half of this year, cryptos have not demonstrated the positive disassociation from the stock market that many proponents have talked about. Instead, as Wall Street faded, so too have digital assets, setting a worrying course ahead. Recently, Fortune described how virtual currency stakeholders fear that the u

  • Yahoo Finance

    FTX would need to offer a ‘material premium’ to buy Robinhood: Analyst

    There's a high bar that would need to be cleared for an acquisition of Robinhood (HOOD) to take place even after the stock's year-to-date slump, according to at least one analyst.

  • Yahoo Finance

    FTX exploring a deal to buy Robinhood: Bloomberg report

    The cryptocurrency exchange FTX is reportedly considering a deal to acquire digital trading platform Robinhood (HOOD), Bloomberg reported Monday, citing unnamed people familiar with the deal.

  • Yahoo Finance

    'Further cuts are needed': Goldman downgrades Coinbase amid crypto meltdown

    The recent plunge in cryptocurrency prices has at least one major Wall Street firm staying on the sidelines for some crypto-linked stocks.

  • InvestorPlace

    7 Cryptos on Red Alert As the Bear Market May Be Upon Us

    With an avalanche of economic and equities market headwinds upon us, cryptos face the classic good-news, bad-news dilemma. However, armed with clear market data — provided by Coinpaprika.com — blockchain investors can approach the segment with an appropriate battleplan. Above all, it’s important not to give too much credence to social media forums as you want to trade virtual currencies on facts, not emotionalized fiction. First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Throughout most of this yea